We Feel Honoured to Have You at Boomland this Summer

Reflection and realignment, community, celebration, sharing and reconnection to nature are paramount. In this pandemic we went through a large scale experience of isolation. One thing is certain: for over a year now, we’ve been living in a period of profound separation.

As the situation slowly evolves, we need now, more than ever, a space for reconnection. One of the Being Gathering’s purpose has always been to spread a positive message of well-being in a natural setting.

The Being Camp is our humble contribution to times in which more questions than answers arise. Being grounded and sensing everything around us feels like the right next step to take towards a brighter future. Dig into our Being Guide to know more.

The concept of the Being Camp is inspired by the Being Gathering. Due to the Covid-19 context, there are still no clear protocols for festivals. Yet, there are possibilities for creating a safe environment in a camping format:

  • Accommodation in 2 people Tipis / Star Tents and 4 people Star Tents;
  • Minimum stay of 4 nights;
  • Bookings in blocks of 4 nights – meaning that you can book either 4, 8, 12 or 16 nights;
  • Caravans and tents are unfortunately not allowed as a preventive measure for public health and fire prevention – thanks for your understanding.


Our organisation strives to and has a tradition of reconciling financing a high quality production with providing a happening that is as inclusive as possible.

Additionally, the pandemic put us in a challenging position, as we had to reschedule Boom Festival twice, and the Being Gathering once (it was supposed to happen in 2021). For the Being Camp we developped a pricing which takes into account several factors, which we believe to be socially just:

  • Pricing for stays: indexed by person and duration, adding the comfort of accommodation in Tipis e Star Tents;
  • The possibility to enjoy the unique beauty of Boomland with only 250 people on site;
  • A daily program that includes workshops, group practices, individual therapies and massages, sharing circles, yoga, kung-fu, meditation, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, sound healing, tantra, rituals, and much more;
  • Activities following a schedule of 2 morning sessions, 2 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening, plus others across Boomland on a daily basis;
  • Activities for kids and teens up to 16 years old;
  • Public art on display;
  • On site nurse;
  • A 40 people team as caretakers for the Being Family;
  • 40 Facilitators to host activities;
  • 30 Therapists to provide you with high quality massages, healing and individual practices.


Find below the pricing information for accommodation and food options. Please take note: food options at the camp are optional, meaning that you may book your stay without opting for full board.

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