Terms and Conditions for Temporary Camping
Herdade da Granja

UPDATED ON 26/07/2021

The present terms and conditions, which can be amended at any point, are applicable to all services made available online, through any mobile device, email or telephone. When accessing, navigating or using our website (mobile) and/or making a reservation, you acknowledge and accept to read, understand and agree to the below terms and conditions (including the privacy statement). 

The present terms and conditions are subject to the law applicable in Portugal. IdanhaCulta will not be responsible for any change on the terms and conditions needed by the rules and regulations approved by the Government, Parliment or Health Authorities. All the terms and conditions can suffer changes due to the situation of the country regarding the pandemic COVID-19.


a. The temporary accommodation available at Herdade da Granja is in tipis or star tents with maximum capacity for two people or star tents with maximum capacity for four people;

b. The daily price for each type of accommodation is:

  1. Tipi/Star Tent (2 people) – 98,00€
  2. Star Tent (4 people) – 196,00€

c. It is not possible to choose a specific accommodation since the allocation of accommodation is made randomly and in conformity with the stipulations made by IdanhaCulta Association.

d. Children up to 3 years old are not taken into account for the capacity of the accommodation, it is assumed that they will share the bed with the parents or siblings;

e. Children up to 16 years old, will only be allowed to stay in the accommodation if accompanied by a legal representative or tutor;

f. The payment is made in full at the moment of the online reservation;

g. There will be no cancellations, exchanges or returns allowed, except in case of a request to change the check-in/checkout dates, which may be accepted, subject to availability verified by IdanhaCulta Association.

h. A 50€ deposit will be requested and will be returned upon verification of the good condition of the accommodation and its respective contents. The deposit is charged at the check-in, being withheld in the card used for payment of the reservation, and will be returned on checkout.

i. In case of after-hours checkout, as stipulated below, the daily fee will be charged.


  • Reception working hours are from 8h to 23h;
  • Checkout from 8h to 11h;
  • Check-in from 16h to 20h;
  • There will be a gatekeeper service between 8h-23h;
  • Between 23h and 8h entrance is forbidden to anyone that has not checked-in previously;


  1. There is parking on-site, in an area specifically designated and indicated for that purpose; 
  2. IdanhaCulta Association is not responsible for any damage, theft or robbery that may occur in the parking area;


  1. There is a program to which all guests can have free access. You can check the available program on the website or at the camping reception.
  2. There will also be extra activities for which guests must make a reservation and pay an extra fee. For more information, you can check the available activities in being-gathering.org/beingcamp/program/ or at the camping reception.


  1. IdanhaCulta Association provides the option of accommodation with full board; 
  2. Meals are available in the restaurant area of the accommodation;
  3. In case you choose the aforementioned option, all meals will be charged into a food card, which will have no expiry date, and which can be used throughout the duration of the stay;
  4. In case of loss or misplacement of the food card, it will be cancelled and its replacement by a new card will be subject to appreciation by IdanhaCulta Association, and this replacement will have an associated cost of 5€ (five euros);
  5. There will be no cancellations, exchanges or returns of the selected food option.


The temporary accommodation is provided by IdanhaCulta – Associação de Desenvolvimento Social, Cultural, Recreativo e Ambiental, taxpayer number 513781323, with head office in Herdade da Granja, Estrada de Alcafozes, S/N, 6060-011 Idanha-a-Nova.

  • IdanhaCulta Association will not be held accountable for any thefts or robberies that take place inside Herdade da Granja, namely in the accommodation or parking areas; 
  • IdanhaCulta Association will not be held accountable for any accidents that may occur inside Herdade da Granja, in authorized or restricted areas, or as a result of using the lake. It is an unsurveilled lake so usage is at the guest’s own risk;
  • Guests are not allowed to circulate in restricted areas. These areas will be duly indicated as such; 
  • Animals are not allowed inside Herdade da Granja or inside the accommodation; 
  • Any person who is not staying in the accommodation, will not be allowed to enter Herdade da Granja or the accommodation; 
  • Cars are not allowed to circulate inside Herdade da Granja, except between the entrance of Herdade da Granja and the respective parking area and always respecting the established circuits, accesses and rules; 
  • It is not allowed to obstruct in any way the paths or emergency exits, nor cross or destroy the existing fences; 
  • Sound amplifying devices or any others that prevent other guests from resting are not allowed, at any time;
  • It is not allowed to make or handle fire in any way; 
  • It is not allowed to smoke inside the tents;
  • It is not allowed to place clothes lines, cables or strings of any material at a height inferior to 2 meters, or wire cables at any height;
  • Guests must use the toilet blocks, sinks, garbage and recycling points and, generally, all facilities, in a way that respects other guests, as well as higiene, salubrity and civility rules, and also water and energy saving;
  • Guests must respect the rules of Herdade da Granja and the accommodation, namely those concerning the rules designated by the Health Authorities meant to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Guests must respect the privacy and peace of the remaining guests and staff at any time. IdanhaCulta Association reserves the right to cancel a reservation, effective immediately, if the guests do not honour this commitment, cause disturbance/inconveniences to other guests or staff, breach any rules or refuse to abide by any of the Terms of Use here mentioned and displayed at the reception of the accommodation;
  • The refusal of stay to a person or several people, in the terms of the previous point, may also constitute refusal of future admittance, as long as duly fundamented;
  • The guests will be liable for any damage caused in the accommodation or part thereof (for eg.  sheets or other content that can be found inside), having to bear the cost of replacement according to the pricing displayed at the reception of the accommodation;
  • All guests must be bearers of any of the following identification documents: ID card, Cartão de Cidadão or Passport, which will be requested for admission in Herdade da Granja as well as registered  in a computer system for admission into the accommodation. 
  • Being Camp Guests consent to their inclusion in official newsletters or other communication, photographic, visual & audio recordings of the Being Camp as members of the audience.


IdanhaCulta Association will not be held liable for the non-fulfillment or faulty fulfillment of the obligations assumed in the relation established with the guests, in the exact measure where they result from the occurrence of extraordinary or unpredictable situations, external to the will of the contracting parties and that cannot be controlled by them,  such as war (declared or undeclared), riots, civil insurrection, natural catastrophes, general nationwide or international strikes, fire, floods, explosions, threats or terrorist acts, epidemics and other situations beyond the Associations control which prevent or hinder the fulfillment of the obligations assumed. 

In case of occurrence of any of the aforementioned situations, IdanhaCulta Association will immediately inform the guest of the impediment and will look for a consensual solution. 


  • Who is responsible for processing your data?

IdanhaCulta – Associação de Desenvolvimento Social, Cultural, Recreativo e Ambiental, taxpayer number 513781323, with head office in Herdade da Granja, Estrada de Alcafozes, S/N, 6060-011 Idanha-a-Nova, is responsible for the processing of your personal data. 

  • Why is your data collected and handled? 

Your data is collected by IdanhaCulta Association for the completion of the purchases and sales through our online platform and will not be used for any other purpose.

If necessary, your data can also be used for fulfillment of legal obligations or legitimate interests of IdanhaCulta Association, as well as for the execution of a defined contract.

  • And when it comes to underaged guest’s data? 

The handling of personal data of children under the age of 16, in cases in which consent is necessary for such handling, will only be legal when consent is given by the respective holders of parental responsibilities.

  • Will your data be shared?

IdanhaCulta Association does not share your personal data with any third parties without informing you in advance. IdanhaCulta Association shares your data with Good Mood – Produção e Comercialização de Audiovisuais, Lda., taxpayer number 504208209, with head office in Zona Industrial, Edíficio Incubadora de Empresas, 6060 – 182 Idanha-a-Nova, which renders services in the administrative and financial areas concerning the accommodation. We also share your personal data  with third parties to help us use your that data. For example, we use Stripe as a payment gateway for our reservation platform – you can read more about how Stripe uses your personal data HERE. We use Beds24 as a reservation platform – you can read more about how Beds24 uses your personal data HERE.

  • For how long will your data be stored?

IdanhaCulta Association will store your data for the necessary time to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected.

  • How will your data be protected? 

Your data will be stored safely and access will be restricted to authorised personnel. 

  • What actions can you take concerning the data you have provided? 

At any point, you may contact IdanhaCulta Association through the email address [email protected] requesting access to your personal data, as well as their correction, deletion, limitation, information opposition or any other issue. You will also be able to, when the data collection has been based on your consent, communicate the revocation of said consent, which will not compromise the legality of the handling based on the previous consent.

IdanhaCulta Association may not comply with the requested deletion whenever the handling of the data is still required for its respective purpose or for the fulfillment of legal obligations or exercise of rights, in which case the holder of the data will be informed of the reason why  the deletion was not possible.

You may still file a complaint to CNPD (National Comission for Data Protection), in case you feel there has been a breach of your rights.  

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