The Being Camp Happens in a Stunning Place Called Boomland

Boomland is a 150 hectares homestead in the region of Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco, in the inland centre region of Portugal.

Surrounded by historic, thousand-old villages among a unique natural heritage, Boomland is a native forest in the “montado de azinho” ecosystem (holm oak in English, Quercus ilex).

Since 2010, the team that produces Boom Festival and the Being Gathering populates this land, which is managed nowadays by a non-profit organisation called IdanhaCulta.

In the past 10 years, the team has been developing several environmental technologies to support the sustainable festivals that take place here (Boom and Being). A vast regeneration and reforestation program is nurtured on a daily basis.

Everything that is done at Boomland is based on a sustainability paradigm that aims at regeneration, shifting behaviours, and which is inspired in the interdependence of natural systems.

Check the various topics below to know more.

Sustainability Paradigm

Our sustainability program is based on a hands-on paradigm which generates different levels of intervention through continuous evaluation, adaptation and trial and error.

We intervene in the following dimensions:

9 Eco Steps for a Conscious Being Camp

Conscious action is the first step towards creating positive social and environmental change. So here are some simple rules we can all follow at Boomland, and beyond, in order to ensure we all live in sync with the planet.

How to Use Compost Toilets

The revelation of the compost toilets has transformed the way we think about living sustainably. Their utilisation at Boomland since 2006 has been a model for large and medium scale events to follow as we change the way we approach sanitation.

Year after year, the science behind the theory and methodology for installing compost toilets at Boomland has evolved – and this is thanks to the expertise of several organisations and individuals, including our own, site-specific trial and error practices.

Furthermore, compost toilets have proven it is possible to deal with human waste in a safe and manageable way while illustrating how we can give back to Nature with the creation of soil.

Check the image below to learn about the composting cycle, and how to best use them.

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