Covid-19 Info

Health & Safety Covid-19 Measures at the Being Camp

The Being Camp is not a cultural event, nor a festival or a show. It is a camp inspired by the Being Gathering concept. It has a limited capacity of 250 people in a 150 hectares land (therefore, with plenty of outdoor space).

Worldwide, the measures to control the pandemic change according to several public health pointers (e.g number of infected people, transmission rate, etc.). Portugal is no exception.

As a temporary camping site, the Being Camp follows the health and safety protocol applying to Hotels and Accommodation Services, as recommended by the Portuguese National Directory of Health.

As far as the Covid-19 epidemiologic situation is concerned, all safety and protection rules issued by the health authorities (DGS), as well as their constant updates following the evolution of the pandemic, must be respected.

Recently the Portuguese government announced new Covid-19 preventive measures applicable to this phase of the pandemic. This is also applied to temporary campsites like the Being Camp, which is a major change from the moment we launched the Camp – we live in an unpredictable time, indeed.

Under these new measures that came out in the last weeks, in order for you to enter Boomland, one of the following criteria must be met at the time of check-in:

  1. Presentation of the negative result of your Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test carried out within 48 hours before arrival (at a pharmacy or laboratory that issues such reports).
  2. Presentation of the vaccination certificate (complete vaccination for at least 14 days).
  3. Presentation of a recovery from Covid-19 document (between the 11th and 180th day, after a positive screening). Please contact your local health authorities if you do not know how to obtain this document.
  4. Doing a self-test on site at the entrance. This should be a last-resource procedure; preferably, testing should be carried out at a pharmacy or laboratory, where they issue a result statement to be presented upon arrival.
  • Failure to present this declaration implies that you bring a Covid-19 Antigen Self-test to be carried out at the entrance of Boomland, with the Gatekeeper, before the check-in time in order to guarantee admission. Our intention is to prevent an unnecessary trip in the case of a possible positive result that will make your entrance at Boomland impossible.
  • If you are car sharing to the Being Camp, please note that if one of the car occupants tests positive in a Covid-19 test at the gates, all car occupants will be prevented from entering the site due to the measures in place. 
General Protocols & Procedures

Before travelling, guests should obtain and confirm information about procedures and restrictions in the countries of origin and destination, from the airline company and from the foreign and border services.

The analysis of the evolution of the outbreak is constant and implementation of new measures will be carried out whenever necessary. The liftting of restrictions will be reviewed according to the epidemiological evolution. Please stay informed about the Portuguese situation or reach us at [email protected] should you need any support.


  • There are several kinds of testing possibilities, that use different technologies. We encourage everyone to monitor their Covid-19 situation via testing.

  • Upon arrival, all guest are informed of the preventive measures to be applied at the Being Camp.

  • All guests are informed of what actions to take in case symptoms occur, and of the location of the Confinement Area designated for quarantine of those with suspicious symptoms or confirmed cases.

  • Nursery always present on site and on call for emergencies.

  • If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, please do not come to the Being Camp.


  • Implementation of all hygiene instructions according to the Clean & Safe recommendations and those of the Directorate-General of Health, as described in the Preventive Measures for the Being Camp.


  • Training for all staff includes preventive measures and contingency plan (protocol to be activated in case of suspicious cases and positive cases), prepared according to the Clean & Safe criteria and  Directorate-General of Health
Services & Activities


  • Implementation of cleaning and hygiene norms for the Being Camp, according to the “Cleaning Protocol” measures.
  • Organisation and signage of various spaces so as to ensure all essential preventive measures are followed, such as:

    • Hand hygiene: Alcohol-based hand rub in all access points, including water points for handwashing;
    • Social distancing is only applied to some situations, such as: differenciated circuits and indoor settings;
    • Establishing of maximum capacity for spaces;


    • Outdoor dining space;
    • Outdoor service area;
    • Separate paths and dining areas designated for staff and guests


    • Open spaces group activities: they are limited capacity and operate under a first-come first-served basis;
    • Individual practices / Therapies / Massages: it is necessary to pre-book your presence. You can do so at the Reception.


    • Space with pre-assembled tents, sparsely placed to guarantee physical distancing and maximum comfort among guests;
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of all tents and bed linen in between bookings;
    • Outdoor reception and welcome areas, so as to avoid keeping guests in indoor spaces.



    • Close coordination with suppliers and third-party service providers, who follow the same Clean & Safe criteria;
    • Suppliers and third-party service providers remain on the grounds only for the minimum period of time necessary to provide the service;
    • All supplies are received at the logistic entrance, to minimise movement of people from outside within the permises.