Dear Being Family,

The Being is a slow production for mindful living. Within our ecosystem, we’ve come up with a tender way of illustrating the dialogue between Boom Festival and the Being Gathering: each represents a complementary polarity of the Yin-Yang. Boom is a creative expansion of the Yang, while the Being is an introversion governed by the Yin.

The Being Camp is a metamorphosis of the Being Gathering (with two editions in 2015 and 2017) that was born to spread a message of love and togetherness in pandemic times.

It’s with this mindset that we gave time and space for the sensing of the Being Camp 2021 debrief to take shape amid a polarised and fast-paced world. As we take our first steps into 2022 – the year in which we’re hoping the worldwide communities can gather again at Boomland – we wish to let you know where we are at the moment. Here are some updates:

• The Being Camp 2021 short sensorial film is released. It evokes the memory of a Summer of reconnection in times of separation through sounds and sights. It is available on all our channels;

• The Being Camp was an experimental format during the pandemic in which the participants, therapists, facilitators, artists and the production team formed a beautiful community. Answering some questions from the global Being community: No, it is not a one-time project, the Being Camp is here to stay;

• The Being Camp will keep existing as a camping experience at Boomland. It will come back with more ideas, formats, and will emphasise the fusion between well-being, nature, arts and music within an intimate setting. It will keep its very limited capacity all the while offering more camping options (e.g such as bringing your own tent or caravan).

• The Being Gathering has reawakened, through its metamorphosis Being Camp, and will remain so. The main Gathering will happen in a near future in accordance with the editions of Boom Festival. It will hold a maximum capacity of 5,000 people. Please stay tuned to experience the comeback of such a magical reunion of human beings!

Much is still to come. We’ll keep sharing updates with you and you can stay connected via our social media channels too (check the newsletter footer, there are plenty to choose from).

Let’s cherish the spiritual treasures that we collected at Boomland and allow them to bring us kindness, love and light to face these rather challenging times. May our invisible yet common safety net remain interwoven. Thank you for Being.

Share the Joy,
Being Gathering Team

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