Daniel Simão

Daniel Simão was born in France in 1981, he came to Portugal in 1984 and lives in the city of Guarda since then. He is a partner of Guarda´s Traditional Games Association since 1991 and has been an associative leader of this institution from 2009 to 2011. Since a very tender age that he works with entertainment, organization and investigation in the Traditional Games field and has participated in several national and international events.

He graduated in Sports Science in 2007. Between the years of 2007 and 2012 he worked as a gym teacher, an acrobatic gymnastic and climbing coach. He finally quit his continuous work with children to completely dedicate himself to the artistic field. In 2015 he starts the “Tokajogar” project and has been taken the Traditional Games to schools, festivals and fairs interacting with grownups and children all across Portugal.


“Tokajogar”is like a toy library for all ages which include more than 30 Traditional Games. Some of the games are scattered in the area and everyone is free to play with them. Other games can only be played when boosted by the “Tokajogar” team members. The games are not only games, those are socio-cultural activities carried out in the open air, that provide the development of child mobility and the increasing of inter-generation relationship in an excellent educational and playful environment.