Carla Gairifo Santos

Carla Gairifo has spent much of her adult life in academia working as a biologist for research projects linked to conservation. However, she came to realize the disconnection between people and nature as one of the greatest and overlooked crisis of our time, threatening people and countless other species. Thus, transforming the human relation with nature, by helping children and their families, truly fall in love with the natural world deserves to be a top priority, on the same level with reducing green-house emissions and preserving species and wild places.  

So her work is now committed to contribute directly to this urgent mission.

Out There! Hands-On Exploration Activities in Nature

The goal of this experience is to give wings to children’s natural curiosity about nature and install them with a fundamental love and respect for all life. The children will be invited to use all of their senses in a new way, thus gaining a new perspective of the natural world.

The idea is also to install self confidence in their abilities to search and find answers and solutions on their own. And to contaminate their loved ones with the same principals and curiosity, so that they’ll keep carrying out these activities at home, spreading the love for nature and playing their role as nature’s guardians.