Inês Peres

Inês is a multifaceted artist working as an Illustrator, graphic designer and painter in Porto, Portugal.

Graduated in graphic design in Esad, Matosinhos and master in Illustration by Idep Barcelona she is passionate for every media of artistic express, always taking small courses and workshops to learn more techniques and to experiment with new materials.  

She creates with love and sharing is what motivates her journey. One year ago she began to work with kids and felt that she wanted to enter deeply in this universe because it was a truly inspiring and enriching experience.

Collaborative Painting

Collective drawing related to the surroundings. Any child, father, mother or passenger/walker that feels the will to participate can do it. Its open for improvisation, spontaneity, creation, playfulness and experimentation.

The final intention is to “be collective” and to interact with a draw that grows, evolves and blooms day after day… (under construction)