Miguel Mendes

I work as an actor and musician. I was born in Lisbon but lived during my youth in Brazil where I started music, voice and dance training, a journey oriented by Osho and bioenergetics, and also my theatre studies at National University of Rio Grande do Sul. There I took part in the research group “The use of the body energies in the actor’s training” based on Japanese Classical Theatre, Arthur Lessac and Eugenio Barba’s Performers Anthropology approach.

Back in Portugal in 1992, I took the Graduation in Theatre and have been working regularly in Theatre and TV. From 1997 to 2014 I was part of Teatro da Garagem Company where I acted in more than 50 performances.

I added trainings in Ancestral Dances and Osho Active Meditations to several body and voice training techniques for Dance, Theatre and Music in order to create my personal training and this workshop.

Primal Sacred Dance Theatre

In this experiment the participants will first have the opportunity of experience three primal ways of letting our muscles work. Like when we float, or faint, like when we shake in cold, fear or fever and like when we let our muscles yawn like when we had to leave our mother’s womb.

Afterwards we will learn and perform a very easy sequence of movements and sounds/chants picked up from different ancient mimetic dance rituals, united by the same binary rhythm and step. At this stage, we both practice the three primal muscle energies we have tried before and practice how to express ourselves through these primal movements and sounds/chants.

The last stage is to develop this “new” language into a dialogue based in movement and sound between individuals and choirs, as in dionysiac trance dance festivals in ancient Greece, where the dithyrambic ritual evolved into Greek Classical Theatre.