Project X – Aga Poznańska, Berenika Różańska, Joanna Trela.

Project X is an initiative inspiring social change through reaching to, empowering, creating and sharing tools & ideas with future changemakers.We focus on the organisation of workshops, events and platforms for discussion among communities as well as NGO’s & other initiatives.

Joanna Trela – an activist and human rights defender. Hopes humanity will prevail. Above all her value is freedom, she currently leads a project against modern slavery. Joanna holds Masters degree in Psychology, has been working with people in a number of bottom-up empowerment initiatives using interactive methods.

Berenika Rozanska – a dreamer and a doer. Involved in social inclusion projects from early youth (coordinating social projects and volunteering) up to building up her professional career around projects with social and environmental commitment. Graduate of Interdisciplinary Individual Humanistic Studies, Master in Cultural Studies.

Aga Poznanska – passionate about making our world a better place, Aga holds a Masters degree in Visual Culture, specialising in documentary filmmaking. She works In London as a marketing professional, trying to use her professional skills for wider society supporting and engaging in community projects.

Changemakers workshop: addressing discrimination in your local community with video interviews

We believe that well-being of individuals and communities is closely related to social engagement and that Being Gathering is a perfect platform to connect people interested in active participation in social change. The objective of the workshop is for us to develop together an anti-discrimination project that can be easily implemented in your local community.

We will try to provide you with tools and motivation to fight discrimination and make amazing interviews that can change people’s lives.

We would like to create a collective of likeminded people that can make the change happen. We plan to keep in touch with the collective formed during the workshop and use and promote the video content created by you as a result of the workshop to inspire similar actions in the wider community.

The workshop will last 4 days, 2-hours session per day with a short break.

We would strongly recommend all participants to take part in all sessions as this will be a continuous workshop.