At the Being Gathering 2017 Sol & Juma will be offering a conference on Sacred Sex – Taoist Sexuality

Sol & Juma Vitali

Sol & Juma Vitali are Creators of temporary communities connected to the ancient wisdom of Brazil and Africa, together they help people to lift up towards the higher vibration of the spirit.
They teach how to live sexuality in a sacred and fulfilled way and how to open the spiritual channels.

Sol trained in Ayurveda, Taoism, Numerology and Shamanism. He travels around the world with his wife Juma learning with different masters the ancient practices. His goal is to raise the global consciousness and share his experience of claiming our potential as human race. Tao is a doorway for all of us to experience a real life-changing. Actually Sol is teaching Tao and Numerology in Italy, Slovenia Switzerland and Brazil.

Juma Vitali is a group leader, author of the book “ The New Family – the community of the new age ”. She trained in many areas of personal growth and founded with his husband Co-Being® as a path of self-realization, life fulfillment in communities and spiritual awakening. She works with people with love and presence since 15 years with body work, Tao, energy work, authentic communication, the 5 Energy Vital Treatments, transformation of ‘Lower Self’, cultivation of ‘Higher Self’ exploration of the 5 wounds, Fire walking, Meditation, Clay visions, “ WaterSoul “ in swimming pools.

Sacred Sex – Taoist Sexuality

Tao is a Practice of longevity and it has its roots in ancient teachings.
The sexual energy is the most powerful energy of the human body, it can rejuvenating and open spiritual channels.

Through the exercises men and women can store this powerful energy, men understand how to control ejaculation and how to store the energy of the semen, achieving the supreme orgasms rather than the ordinary orgasm. Women learn how to make circulating their own inner energy, how to reach bliss.
Both men and women can achieve many orgasms during the intercourse, exchanging pure and spiritual energies.  Learn how to refine the sexual energy, they become a New Powerful Field of Pure Energy.