At the Being Gathering 2017, Patricia Lesage will be giving a conference on Pachamama and a Spiritual Awakening.

Patricia Lesage

The thirst for knowledge and understanding led her to study history and to research religion and anthropology . After several years in an automated system she felt a strong call from the Earth and decided to disconnect from the technocratic world and reconnect with the natural world.

This call made her travel the world to know other cultures where practices and experiences continue to be linked to the essence of being and ancestral memory. She finally felt that her spirituality was free to develop more openly and recognized her own nature through the medicine plants, indigenous practices, extended family and through Maternity …

She now helps woman finding their inner power in a natural and conscious way throughout the process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Pachamama – A Spiritual Awakening

Patrícia Lesage invites us to connect with the Earth and feel the awakening towards her.  While the drum connects us with Pachamamas heartbeat we create a little earth amulet and bath ourselves in her.
In these workshop Patricia tells us how the spirit of the great-mother awakened in her and guided her towards maternity while opening up a channel between the earth and the sky.

She will share about Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum from a Holistic, Natural and Humanized approach as she is convinced that it is never to soon nor to late to talk about the way babies are being born and how their birth affects their lives and that of the world.ã-Inata-338906842800739/