At the Being Gathering 2017, Matteo Tangi will be sharing a conference on Expand the Box.

Matteo Tangi

I am Matteo Tangi, passionate edge-worker and restless life lover.
“What is my true purpose?”. With this question in my heart years ago I left my home to start a journey of discovery. Passionately I’ve been seeking the answer, exploring different cultures and ways of living. During this adventure I encounter Possibility Management that offered me the tools to reach strong inner clarity and discover my own authenticity and power. Since then I have been working and living on the edges of society, as agent of the global movement towards a more resilient, fulfilling, and regenerating way of living.

Today I work in support individuals, groups and organizations for them to connect with their own unique source of power and show up with the best of themselves. I do this delivering extraordinary training, offering personal coaching and entrepreneuring grassroots initiatives. Another strong commitment is my work with the ancient medicine of Cacao. I hold ceremonies and make therapeutical use of this magic substance to support people to reconnect with their heart and live a heart-centered life.

Why I do this all? Because I believe we are in a crucial point of history. A global turning point. We can choose to look away, focus on what doesn’t work, or direct our energy on creating the New. I chose the latter and you? Looking forward to meet you in person at this fabulous Being Gathering!

Expand the Box

Which role of the Drama Triangle did you choose today to avoid responsibility?

Playing Victim maybe? Making other people or the society or the money system the responsible for what is not working in your life?

Or are you more into the Persecutor role? Blaming others, getting angry at them or trying to be superior and making everybody else wrong?

Or maybe is the Rescuer your favorite? Anxious and hyper protective, ready save anybody especially when they don’t need it, covering your worries with the mask of the hero or the selfless nurse.

I invite you to a workshop to play a different game. To connect with your archetypal power and choose to activate in you your bright forces of the Healer, the Warrior, the Magician and the King. In one hour you’ll rewire the relation with your emotions. From a discomfortable feelings to a source of archetypal power, from defining anger as an “inferior feeling” to loving your anger like you love your best friend.

The shadows are gone when we shine the light on them. The workshop is about getting to know your own shadows and owning them. Taking responsibility has never been so fun!