At the Being Gathering 2017, Juma will be presenting a talk on the The New Family – The communities of the new age

Juma Vitali

Juma Vitali is a group leader, author of the book “ The New Family – the community of the new age ”. She trained in many areas of personal growth and with her husband, she founded Co-Being® as a path of self-realization, life fulfillment in communities and spiritual awakening. She works with people with love and presence since 15 years. Many instruments are used by her as body work, Tao, energy work, authentic communication, the 5 Energy Vital Treatments, transformation of ‘Lower Self’, cultivation of ‘Higher Self’ exploration of the 5 wounds, Fire walking, Meditation, Clay visions and “ WaterSoul “ in swimming pools.

The New Family – The Communities of the New Age

To inspire a new model of education for adults, parents, educators and childhood’s professionals willing to grow through paths of introspection.

We strongly believe “the communities of New Age” can be fully successful if their residents understand the need to explore human nature’s unconscious destructive behaviors.

Sometimes, people living in communities just calm down conflicts through sublimation techniques but the proposal of our program is to discover the roots of community problems being individual ones, rather than community ones.
In my experience I saw important changes in people facing a journey to integrate their own shadow and light and bringing a concrete transformation in their social contexts.

It is possible to join this movement towards a new global education.