At the Being Gathering 2017, Cristina Poppe will be doing a presentation and facilitating public interaction with The Truth Path – tool of inner visualization

Cristina Poppe

Born in Lisbon in 1967, lives and works in Oporto since 1986.

Lately, she also participates in different artistic events performing  Live-paintings (including Body-painting) with different  kinds of bands  and DJ’s, inspired by Frida Kahlo and México.

In parallel to her journey as a Plastic Artist, from which resulted various exhibitions and awards, in 2006 she begins her studies on Art-Therapy, developing activities in this area, among them an intervention with children of the Oporto Oncological Institute (IPO) and other projects in schools and other institutions.

From the symbiosis of her painting and her Art Therapy studies is born the box “The Truth Path”, as an extension of the installation “The Truth Path”, awarded in the International Bienal of Plastic Arts of Montijo “On Europe” in 2008, which she  currently utilizes as a tool in her workshops and one to one sessions of personal development.

The Truth Path – Presentation and public interaction with the tool of inner visualization

In this Presentation we are getting familiarized with this box containing colorful images of hand-painted feet representing 85 different feelings, with which you can work in a therapeutic level, individually or in a group.

We will talk about Art-therapy and how it opens us the access to our unconscious world and mobilizes our affections, promotes our self-concept and self-esteem, promoting change and transmutation.

Our expression through  Art connects us immediately to our full and unique essence and also to the divine soul we carry inside. It is a bridge to our higher Self and therefore remembers us of the beautiful and loving beings  we all are and how our fears and shadows can be accepted when exposed to the light.

Come along to experience a new way to look inside! Together we will materialize our feelings, sharing them and have fun at the same time!

Hope to see you there!