At the Being Gathering 2017, Carlijn Lindemulder will be giving a talk on the Power of Volunteering

Carlijn Lindemulder

Carlijn Lindemulder lives and works in Amsterdam, where she combines her passion for sustainability, social awareness, music and events in her projects.

Carlijn is founder of 10,000 HOURS, a foundation promoting voluntary work amongst young people. Founder and head of program of ADE Green, a conference part of the Amsterdam Dance Event focused on sustainability, innovation and social change and co-founder of Open House an innovation platform for the event and music industry.

Mixing music and youth culture with social engagement has always been a thread running through Carlijn’s work. The last seven years Carlijn worked as head of Sustainability for ID&T, an electronic music company, promoting events like Mysteryland and Sensation. Her responsibilities lied within making events greener, getting social projects involved and partnering with charity. Prior to her job at ID&T, she was involved in Coolpolitics, a foundation that promotes social and political awareness amongst young people. Her mission is to inspire the visitors of events to embrace sustainable lifestyles.

The Power of Volunteering

There is such a power in any individual giving up their time in service to others, it is really the underpinning of our community.

Due to rightwing populism, the decline of former social structures like church and economic circumstances, society is becoming increasingly individualistic. This, combined with budget cuts in healthcare is catastrophic for vulnerable groups in our society. But do you really want to live in a society where only professionals take care of the needs of our elderly or youngsters with disabilities? Or do you want to live in a more connected society?

In this talk Carlijn will explain why volunteering doesn’t only have huge benefits for your own life but also for our society as a whole and how the festival community can contribute to this.
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