Once more, we convene in the enchanting sanctuary known as Boomland, embracing the opportunity to honour our connection to the earth, ourselves, and our fellow adventurers in this extraordinary gift called Life on Planet Earth.

In this era of tremendous transformation, we are learning to thrive amidst great change. The pandemic has illuminated the importance of delving deeper into our inner truths as integral parts of the collective, the entirety, the All.

How can we evolve into better human beings, harmoniously attuned to both others and nature? In the midst of the bustling cities and the frenetic pace of everyday life, where do we find moments for genuine reconnection and realignment?

The fundamental intention of the Being Gathering is to provide a joyful moment for exploration in the profound and wonderful aspects of our existence.

The Being seeks to revive our ancestral roots, explore holistic healing practices, and dance to the rhythms of tribal trance, sacred and conscious music. 

Presented by the Boom Festival Team, the Being had two editions (2015 and 2017) and a smaller manifestation as Being Camp during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. Since its beginning it has created a long lasting positive reverberation due to its approach of merging well-being practices.

Over the course of a week, an array of workshops, yoga sessions, meditative practices, massages, dances, martial arts, enlightening conferences, spiritual exploration, wellness activities, ceremonies, and open air experiences await you. 

All these offerings are thoughtfully designed to nourish your personal health, well-being, and overall happiness.

Come together with our global community, celebrating life and love. 

Let the sun warm our hearts, illuminating the radiant beauty of a more aligned lifestyle.