Sound Healing

Since ancient times sound and voice have been used for restore the cellular energy, this can improve the overall health.

Sound-healing journey with Healing songs and prays, with drum, tibetan singing bowls and didgeridoo, with a lyre made with a ground turtle shell, with the art of singing in Quechua, an old language from all South America, playing the Charango, herbal and nutritional medicine, crystals, sound frequencies, voice and ancestral knowledge. You can choose what kind resonate more with you!

At the Being Gathering you will be able to book a Sound Healing.

Individual Sessions are by donation starting from 35€ for a one hour session and are subject to availability.

Please make your way to the Therapies Booking Space in the Being Fields to make your bookings.

Therapists offering Sound Healing:

Michael Paul Hill

Michael Paul Hill is a lightning Diyin from the Apache people in southwestern United States and Northern Mexico.Michael Paul’s Apache Lightning Medicine is Contrary and very sacred and holy!
In his community, Michael Paul is a spiritual and legal advocate.
Michael Paul was struck by lightning four times which is considered a high power within the cultures of many Indigenous Peoples spirituality.
Michael Paul uses this Power for the healing of the mind, body and spirit with the private consultations and sessions needed.

Orpheus B

How’s and why’s
20 years ago I had a voice in my tummy. it told me to go East, to India. it was the beginning of my spiritual journey into self realization.
I was asking the Universe why am I here and what did I come to do. I knew we all have a reason for being and a mission.
While traveling to learn, to feel and listen, I discovered for me it was healing – Helping human beings feel better, more balanced, joyful,
relaxed and ultimately – Happy. I started this journey of exploring natural ways for healing of body and mind.
Constant curiosity enabled me to tap into many modalities and meet amazing teachers.
Now I can share with confidence and assist many in their healing and spiritual growth thru this life journey.
Inspirational Guide, Healer and a Master in the “Arts of Living”, holds a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and Diplomas in many fields of natural healing methods.
He uses mind tools such as soul retrieval and shamanic journeys, to release emotional blocks from the past, mental or physical stagnation.
Orpheus expertise is in (Shamanic) Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Energetic Channel Massage (EcM).
He has created several Tai-Chi forms that suit the modern times, as well as unique “dance of Tao” protocol of free-flow dance.
He is a Reiki master, Tai chi senior instructor and a Qi gong practitioner.
Orpheus has a Healing center in Israel and in Costa Rica, travels around the world for healing and teachings, seminars and workshops.

Bruno Teixeira

Since 1997, he has been active in practicing and studying Yoga (Hatha, Bhakti, Jnana, Mantra, Japa, Nada Yoga), Samkhya, Vedanta and Tantra, knowing through the experience of these arts and sciences the existence of sound and music as a way and as a tool to support the healing process, interior transformation and meditation. He met meditation through the intonation of mantras, the power of the conscious word and the sacred chant, and the importance of breathing in the mental, mental, and spiritual states. Since his first contact with Didgeridoo in 1997 he has been exploring the therapeutic possibilities of this (psychology, physiotherapy, yogatherapy), pedagogic, playful and socio-cultural instrument. He founded the “Didgeridoo Triboo” ClubEscola in 2006, where he also offers classes, therapeutic sessions of Music Therapy and Sound Massage, Music Seminars, Workshops and Meditative Concerts. He founded the HandPan House PazPazes, where he promoted Weekly Meditative Concerts / Sound Journeys and regular shows.


Emylaïne is a self-taught didgeridoo musician, a soul researcher in the vibrational world of Sound. The didgeridoo arrives into her life during the summer of 2008 and immediately becomes into her inseparable companion travel. This magnificent instrument represents to her a fundamental research tool toward the “inner self” creating an useful harmony in her spiritual life. Then, as of the didgeridoo approach, Emylaïne started to increase particular fascination around the use and the practice of specific sound frequencies as a meditation tool, to achieve relaxation and harmonization and restore body and spirit, fact that led her to the become a partitioner in sound- therapy techniques through the use of planetary singing bowls (Tibetan ) as a therapeutic modality. Sound-healing journey with Tibetan singing bowls and didgeridoo The aim of sound-therapy using didgeridoo and Tibetan singing bowls is to restore the cellular energy, thus improving the overall health. The main claim is that vibration of sound increases cellular movement, which will contribute to the improvement of the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Luis Paniagua

Luis was born in 1957 in Madrid, Spain. As a composer and interpreter he has published 15 Cds and won several awards, such as the World Music Torchbearer Award in 2012, the National Award for the Best Album of the Year in Contemporary Music, give by the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Music of Spain in 2002, and was also a nominee for the same award in 2003. Luis started composing and interpreting music after studying music in India under maestro T.N Nagar, and his first performances were for theatre, dance, and soundtracks for cinema. After a while, Luis started performing concerts in many countries across Europe, America and Asia. Also, he created the “Mediter Ra Neo” project under the denomination of “new ancestral music”. In Spain, Luis is considered as one of the pioneers of New Music, World Music and Spiritual Music, without being of any concrete religion.

Sound Healing Metamorphosis

The lyre is an instrument made with a ground turtle shell, horns, a crossbar and a wooden bridge that rests on a skin. It has 7 strings and was used in ancient Greece as a healing instrument, among other things. Metamorphosis is a one-man concert. Luis Paniagua plays his music for a single listener, who will be involved with the sound vibration of the lyre and the transcendental intention of the voice. A session to create a unique atmosphere that will lead the listener to his/her own interior, to be with oneself, in a delicate and exquisite space of love. Fifty minutes of riding and flowing in the eternal present.

Mariana Root

Mariana Root is a portuguese women that through music brings inspiration and healing for the people. Playing percussions and the guitar, is her voice that leads us to a very unique sound journey where the great inspiration is the Nature and the awareness of being Nature. With strong Portuguese roots in her expression, Mariana plays the square drum ‘Adufe’ and drinks from the tradicional chants of the old times in Lusitanian land. Mariana have a deep relation with andean mountains and culture, where she spends a great time learning ancestral way of praying and healing through sound. Mariana is currently living in the sacred valley of Peru, developing the art of singing in Quechua, an old language from all South America, playing the Charango and relating her self with the local communities, nature and wisdom. With formation in music University of Portugal, and a large research in Etnic Spirit Voice, during her path, she creates space to help others to find connection with their voices and expression through it. She finds that is a great medicine for all hearts, to be in tune with our own voice, and also integrates the practice of massage through sound and touch. With a big carrying with the land and cultivating a simple life in harmony with Earth and its gifts, the landscapes that she invokes are extensive to different parts of the globe, and intimately to the Heart.

Nuno Um Param

Vibrational Healing With Sound, Touch and Intention

Born in Portugal, at the age of 27 he moved to Mexico where he lived the last 17 years.

Artist, Astrologer, Musician, Nuno Param’s path took a serious turnover when established a weekly sound healing venue created at the heart of the “Yoga Shala” (Velatropa) in the Community he was living in the last 17 years in Tulum.

Combining World Music Sound, Touch and Intention, the group holding the Sound Healing found a very powerful combination for a truly special experience. The Sound Healing was taken afterwards to jails, care centers, and festivals a little bit everywhere.

The session takes 1 hour and takes participants into a journey of World music multi-vibrational sound experience.

Healers will join sound with Intentional touch, providing space for deep healing.

Several types of healing take space such as Feather and Copal Cleansing, Reiki, Thai and Aromatherapy.

Rocío Oceáno

Daughter, sister, mother, doula. Sound Healing Therapist, Nutritional Coach, Vital Health and Integrative Medicine Doctor, Director in Holistic Retreats for Women & Couples in the north of Spain. Midwifery and Doula of life and death. Yoga teacher and actress and working hard by guiding in workshops and training of Feminine and Creative Awareness, Sacred Sexuality, Pelvic Floor Health and Sacred Motherhood, in presence and online. Supporting one by one, healing and being side by side with people in their development process… is a master. She learned in Peru the Shamanic and Sacred Herbs to manage a natural health connected with a spiritual life. Mum, Kirtan Singer, Nature Communicator. The experience with ancestral wisdom around the world are in her heart, hands and body. That’s her job, to offer the infinite knowledge and to guide for remembering you yourself wisdom in your wonderful body by sound, voice and abundance of our beloved Earth.

Earth & Root Sound Therapy
“Holistic Healing for Women, Men & Couples”

Using herbal and nutritional medicine, crystals, sound frequencies, voice and ancestral knowledge we can meet with the wisdom of our body with earth and spirit. What for? Restore pelvic function organs: colon, kidneys, uterus and ovaries, prostate, intestine. Traumatic sexual experiences, aftermath of abuse. Bone and joint disorders. Reestablishment of a healthy sexual and respectful pulse. To find energy in the pelvis, connecting it with your heart and spirit. Your voice, your sexuality. Women: Period pain, Endometriosis, Papiloma virus, Cysts, Fertility disorder, Recover Female Sexuality, Restore Sacred Female Creativity, Disorder of Pelvic Floor after Pregnancy and Labor. Restore the connection with Earth and Moon guide for Menstrual Wisdom. Men: Restore Original and Sacred Male Creativity. Impotence, Sexual Immaturity, Excess guilt, fears, Passive Aggressive behavior, Addictions. Couples: transcendental relationship, to optimize your fertility from the sacredness. To solve conflicts creatively with the heart and spirit. Recover magic and spiritual connection with your partner.

Shai Dayan

Shai is a multi instrumental improvisation artist. Composes music for dance projects and films. Studied philosophy and meditation in India for 5 years. In the last 15 years explores the connection between music and freedom, and their use as tools to unfold our true nature. Teaching improvisation and self inquiry workshops in Israel and Europe, using music, voice and movement as instruments for becoming aware of our true nature. Participated in rock, jazz, world music and street theater ensembles in New York, Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, India, Norway, Hungary and Israel. composes music for independent film makers as well as ‘National Geographic’ and dance companies.d Earth.

Becoming aware of our true nature is our highest goal

Since ancient times sound and voice have been used for this purpose. At present this knowledge is introduced anew. The voice is usually regarded as a tool for self expression. A good question would be ,what do we mean by ‘self’? There are varied dimensions to the idea of self. From the personal self, to the universal self. Study of the personal self will lead us to the knowledge of our personality. Study of the universal self may lead us to knowledge of the universe. The voice is primarily made up of two elements, breath and sound.
Breath is universal, it is the very life. Sound is unique, and so, particular. The voice is a way for life to express itself in a unique way. It is one thing to hear our voice as a personal expression, it is quite another to hear our voice as the voice of the self. When we become aware of this then any sound we utter will express the potency and power of it’s own source. By that I mean that if we allow this awareness to unfold then life will use our voice to flow freely through us. That is it’s nature, that is our nature. A free flow, a free being.