Tarot Reading

Divination using playing cards is recorded as early as 1540. A manuscript from 1750 (Pratesi Cartomancer) documents rudimentary divinatory meanings for the cards of the tarot. In 1765, Giacomo Casanova wrote in his diary that his Russian friend frequently used a deck of cards for divination. There will be a great variety of different Tarot Readers to choose from and they all use different decks. Pick the one that calls to you the most.

At the Being Gathering you will be able to book a Tarot Reading.

Individual Sessions are by donation starting from 35€ for a one hour session and are subject to availability.

Please make your way to the Therapies Booking Space in the Being Fields to make your bookings.


Therapists offering Tarot Readings and what tarot decks they will be using:

Ana Vitória

Ana will offering readings with the Rider Waite Tarot.

Rider Waite Counselling, self-awareness and empowerment through Tarot. A Tarot reading from an evolutionary perspective will provide guidance through the consultant’s daily questions. It is also a broader approach on how to own and get your life back, get some answers about yourself at the point in life you’re at and really feel empowered!
Tarot has a particular structure of 78 cards that includes 22 Major Arcana (archetypes, ideas) and 56 Minor Arcana (materialization, action). There are thousands of different decks and lots of different ways to read and interpret them.
I usually use the Rider Waite deck or others based on this system. I follow the symbolic/oracular line of work and I don’t use reversals (for me, it’s not necessary…). Sometimes I use two decks in a reading, depending on the question and also according to my inspiration/intuition at the moment.


I’ve been working in the esoteric and healing area for the last 9 years, with the spirit mission of caring, helping and inspiring others. Tarot is my passion and I use it as a tool to self knowledge, healing and empowerment, from an evolutionary point of view. One of my goals while working with Tarot is also to teach and help people understand Tarot in a new perspective, putting aside some old patterns and misconceptions about the Tarot cards. I do that by giving an historical overview on Tarot origins and myths, unfolding the old and dated idea of Tarot as an occult and mystic practice. I do Tarot workshops and seminars.


Angharad Wynne

Angharad Wynne will offering readings with the Druidcraft Tarot.

Using tarot as a divinatory tool since her her teenage years, and in a healing context, uses the cards to provide guidance and bring clarity to situations.


Angharad spent much of her youth exploring her Welsh homeland by foot and delving deeply into the western magic, healing and spiritual traditions in order to piece together the lost parts of her own indigenous culture. Connection and dialogue with nature and landscape is central to her work as is the magic of everyday, the creation for meaningful rituals for our lives today and sharing the spirituality and mythology of her homeland with others. A published author and poet, Angharad is also a storyteller who uses story as the starting point for deep inquiry and a source of timeless wisdom and healing. She regularly runs spiritual and creative retreats including the Return to Centre series for women, In the Footsteps of Ancestors, an annual pilgrimage following ‘Songlines’ across the sacred landscapes of Britain, and Dreaming the Land which she co-runs with partner and collaborator, Eric Maddern.


Elisa Paiva

Elisa Paiva will offering readings with the Illuminati Tarot.

A profound quest for enlightenment drives us to grow, overcome challenges, and reach our full potential. Combining artistic beauty, symbolic depth, and intuitive vigor, the Tarot Illuminati warms the soul and frees the mind. This evocative tool of self-discovery—rich with ornate, vividly beautiful illustrations—will illuminate your path to higher purpose and true fulfillment.


Born in Portugal, she grew up in the middle of nature, discovering her natural course and all the cycles involved. Never disconnecting, she discovered very early on that there was harmony between various worlds. Keeping this door open between contacts with his guardian angel and others, she soon knew that her life mission would be to help his fellows to direct their own energy and consequently the energy of the mother earth. Seeking balance. It was then in search of tools that would aid, studied several esoteric subjects. She currently uses the tarot as a way of divining and channeling the message. she also did the Reiki course and finally hypnosis. In this she learned about the area of psychology and human behavior. Today, she can advise you how to live on this physical plane with all the conscious and unconscious conditions and decisions of the human being.


Irán Álvarez

Íran Álvarez will offering readings with the Marseille Transformative Counseling Tarot.

In the archetypal or extravagant illustrations of Tarot, according to Carl Jung, you can have the opportunity to look for the conditions of your present, the experiences in the past and your subconscious programs that could create your future.


Born in Mexico City, Irán grew up in a family with strong roots into the ancient traditions and knowledge to heal body and soul. This legacy was passed to her from woman to woman within her family.
She studied psychology in Mexico City and educated in Internal development, NLP, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis and Psychodrama. Irán complements science with the healing art of “Psicomagia”, Carl Jung’s Tarot and Psychoshamanism.
She worked for the government (PGJ) as therapist with post traumatic stress victims, and then as a therapist in a prison. Around Mexico she gave conferences about emotional health in different high schools and universities. Irán hosted a radio show about psychology before moving to Europe and presenting “XIBALBA”, her sensorial theater play that helps people during grief process.
Since 2015 she lives in Munich, and works in private way in her consulting room and online with people around the world.

[email protected]

Priti Chouhan

Priti Chouhan will offering readings with the Rider Waite Tarot.

Tarot Reading which is read through the cards I have. The wisdom these have are amazing, From wanting to have guidance from one question to a theme that may be occurring in your life.


I have been a Healer and Reader for over 15 years and knew my purpose was to help people and be of service. I made a conscious choice to make a difference in the life I lead and am continually finding ways to grow and evolve, not just by what I do for a living but also how i relate with others and learn as much as I can through the experiences life constantly throws at me.

Instagram: @wholeness_intuitive_healing


Zephyr will offering readings with the Shamanic Tarot and with the Transcendental Tarot.

Transcendental Tarot

At the beginning of each session, an emotional connection is established with the person involved. Emotions, sensations and thoughts that arise in the moment of reading are treated with care, respect and compassion.
Transcendental Tarot is like a map where each card represents a “city” that is a key to the person’s psyche. Each card represents a group of feelings or emotions that can be transmitted to the reader.
These energies are treated in the “now” and a great change is felt during the reading. Most of the feelings are good, strong and useful. Feelings like vitality, passion, love for life, among others, may rise

Shamanic Tarot

It works similarly to the Transcendental Tarot, the difference being the cards used in the reading – the Shaman’s Oracle deck. Intuitive readings done using these cards have a simpler format but with the added magic of the beautiful cave art-like paintings. It is divided into five suits, or Tribes: Spirits, Ancestors, Shamans, Hunters and Dancers.
This reading helps to reach out the deepness of the soul, and helps the ones that are trapped in a veil of illusions and need a way out. It helps you to reconnect to your ancestors in both earth and universe. to the surface as they are needed for the Transcendence of the person.


Zephyr was born in Lisbon in October 1983. He has been in contact with the spiritual and scientific worlds all his life. He always follows the star of compassion as his true guiding light.
In 2008 he was first initiated in Reiki, refining his skills of compassion and gaining a capacity for a deeper connection with the person before him, and so, developing a higher healing potential.
In 2010 he began his work in Family Constellations, participating in 17 constellations in two days on his first experience.
He has been on many shamanic journeys, with the aid of Ayahuasca, Peyote and Temazcal ceremonies.
His experiences with Tantra have taught him how to efficiently transmute energies with his body on a higher level.
In 2011 he started his journey in the world of the Tarot, creating a new system based on all the wisdom earned through his experience, excelling in mapping emotions and feelings that need to be expressed.
The sum of his experiences and personality make him a therapist that treats the person before him with true compassion and respect, aiding them on their way towards their truer self.

Instagram: @zephyr_awakening

Andrea Rathsi

Andrea Rathsi will offering readings with the THOTH deck by Aleister Crowley

Each tarot card reading I do is individual and personal to you. I work with my spirit guides and the THOTH deck to interpret what is happening for you and what your most likely path is ahead. Your questions can be specific or you can ask a general question like your career, love life, health, wealth etc. I offer two different types of layout. The Astrology layout offers a general overview for 12 areas of your life including; emotional and mental state, your home, love life, work and career, relationships, travel and study, secret concerns. The Tree of Life layout assists with a specific question to understand; the direction it is taking, what you are and not in control of, opportunity for growth, what has to be changed, what’s underneath it all, the likely outcome, and the next step to be taken.


Andrea is the co-founder of Rainbow Lodge, a Holistic Nature Retreat, in the Serra da Estrela Portugal. Together with her partner, they are offering people the chance to spend time in nature reconnecting to their Soul Essence.
Andrea has 17 years’ experience in a variety of Energy Medicine techniques from ancient cultures, Shamanic healing, Crystal, Sound & DNA Healing, Cymatherapy, Transference Healing, Reiki, and the Qabbalah.
Andrea facilitates “Transformational Healing Retreats” in Central Portugal where people discover their personal Tree of Life and Astrology Charts. This supports people to become aware of their challenges and strengths in order to balance their energy. The result of these Retreats are that people return home able to change what no longer serves them in their lives.


Sophie Nunes

Sophie Nunes will offering readings with the Rider White Gold Tarot

Tarot is the tool that reflects what your soul wants to tell you, it will guide you back to your essence; it will align you with your heart desires and your soul wishes.
The reading will take place Here and Now, guiding you throughout your present and future steps and leading you to your life path. Allow yourself!


Hi, I’m Sophie, an inspirational intuitive.
I am a professional Tarot reader, but also a spiritual teacher, adviser and counselor.
I am here to provide you with some life changing events, to help you make wise decisions and to guide you through your projects and dreams.
I will show you how to be more confident and safe in order for you to acknowledge your personal power and spiritual growth.
I will be the light that shines over your path and helps you to move on.
Let my truth reach yours.