Ancestral Healing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy play critical roles in how you think, act, and behave. When both of them are merged together in a harmonious way, they allow you to understand and experience life better. The process of merging both of these two energies eventually allows you to achieve true spiritual enlightenment and intelligence. For these reasons, balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, is the key to spiritual growth and ascension. In order to achieve this goal, I created a session of awakening and connection of this two energies within you through spiritual guided meditation, passing energy techniques, also through the use of crystals and musical frequencies, magic herbs, and several methods based in the ancient wisdom of several ancient cultures like the xamanism and the celtic tradition.

At the Being Gathering you will be able to book an Ancestral healing of the divine feminine and masculine.

Individual Sessions are by donation starting from 35€ for a one hour session and are subject to availability.

Please make your way to the Therapies Booking Space in the Being Fields to make your bookings.


Therapists offering Ancestral healing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine:

SimOne Soul

Born in 1979, in Porto. Master of Reiki, graduated in Social Education, trained in theater, therapist and explorer of the Divine feminine, singing-therapy, tarot, crystals, massage… Wicca priestess since 2000. Host of the Red Tent Movement-sacred circles of women in Oporto, Creator and teacher of “Biosing” – singing therapy, and “Mãe Mundo” – space of human healing and development. Voice in the healing / meditative music project “Lights One”, songwriter and lead singer in the “Gwidianne” project, artisan at Lights One Jewellery – Handcrafted Healing gemstone jewellery.ãe-Mundo-Espaço-de-cura-e-desenvolvimento-humano-401984309972025/