Joana Príncipe, Inês Peres, Cássia Rodrigues

Three women, friends, therapists, artists, yoga teacher, mother, daughters, sisters, passionate about life and nature. We are embracing the friendship and the different knowledges to explore awareness, creativity, inner-connections, inner-love, self-confidence.

Sharing the same dream to work with children, learning together, understanding that they are our teachers and our future.

Yogart & Sensejourney

The workshop is divided in three different parts. It begins with breathing exercises, interactive art and yoga to create powerful connections between all involved. The idea of this exercises is to explore creations with nature and surrounding elements, resulting in a big co-creating mandala and ending with a sense journey to awake they conscious of senses and what is around… using essential oils, feathers, water, bowls, tree sticks…