Maria João Silva Pereira & Rita Petronilho de Almeira

After a degree in International Relations, i´ve realized that it was not the area i wanted to focus. So i´ve decided in 2004 to do the course of ceramics in Cencal school, Caldas da Rainha, and the in creative ceramics, small trainings in ceramic of jewelry, decoration with fumes, contemporary sculpture, construction of gas oven and wood oven for ceramic cooking, glazed in crystal.

Since then, i have been exploring the world of shapes in clay, expression, volumes, textures and colours. First i´ve participated in almost all the handicraft fairs of the country and also medieval fairs. Then i´ve started to do workshops still in fairs, and later in schools, ATLS, libraries, festivals, etc.

I’ve taken the clay workshop and the potter´s wheel to many many people and i really want to continue doing that.

Potter’s wheel and lots of clay

The idea of this workshop started at the arts and crafts fairs, because of the curiosity and interest of the participants, and since then i´ve started to work with children on a weekly base, in two associations that knew already my activity (Associação Vilamor e ARPICA Bugalhos).

This activity have continued some times at the Jardim-Escola de Bugalhos, Escola Básica de Bugalhos, Escola Secundária de Alcanena, Biblioteca de Alcanena, different children holidays places in Alcanena e Torres Novas. The workshop that i´m going to present was created in 2011 and allows the participation of different children and adults and show different techniques about the clay modeling process, in a creative and simple way.