Hugo Lourenço from We Creative Do Solutions

Co founder of  We Creative Do Solutions Studio, this Portuguese architect is fascinated with the exploration of paper plasticity and the transformation of a simple flat sheet into a three-dimensional object.

Very early developed a special interest for Oriental Arts and Culture, and since 2004 addresses origami as a tool of great educational and therapeutic value, considering it a healthy alternative that promotes creativity and concentration, as well as the ability of observation, accuracy and manual precision.

More than just entertainment, origami became a mean for an interior, meditative and spiritual journey.

Worked with studios developing and applying Origami in Architecture, Design and Decoration, experimenting with other materials, folding models out of cardboard, various types of cloth, plastics, wire mesh, and even sheets of metal.

Teaches Origami as an extracurricular activity in schools, prisons and social centers, lectures speaker and Workshop and team building facilitator.

Ori Gaming: a hands on journey between folds

Origami is the Ancient Art of Paper Folding, turning a simple flat sheet into a three dimensional object.

A valuable tool in education, it helps children to develop motor skills, an understanding of space and orientation, logical thinking, how to follow sequential instructions, concentration, an appreciation of precision as well as patience, perseverance and mental discipline.

Its game-like quality facilitates the learning process. Origami puts fun and fascination into learning because it’s actually an interesting blend of art, science and mathematical geometry.

Throughout the Workshop we will experience the magic of origami, as we will do some basic folding exercises using all kinds of everyday materials, mostly reusables.

We’ll experiment with shapes that may be used to fold many different models, from the simplest valley and mountain fold to some more complex combinations, focusing mainly on playful origami and models with movement.

Join me in this journey between the folds!