Anna Garcia Pozo

My name is Annetta and im a Self-taught in different kind of arts and crafts works. I´ve been working with fabric in my workshop, on behalf of a employment initiative promoted by an autonomous cooperative of recycling, located in Benetusser, valencia (Spain).

I recover all kind of materials and i do from them kids clothes, toys, puppets, and all that comes to my mind. I do it with a lot of love, with no rush and not letting any kind of pressure to interfere with the creative process. So each piece is unique and original. Recicrear is to give life to what people do not use anymore, to transform it in something new and different, in the end, give it a new life:

The creativity becomes imagination, when we work with something that we want to turn in something new!

Make your own sock puppet!

This is a very didactic workshop where i will show how to do an artisan puppet with recicled materials. And we will create it together! We will cut, paste, and we will give life to recovered materials and turn it into a funny toy for boys, girls and also for the parents!

Each puppet will be unique!