Duarte Alves

Graduated in Marketing and Advertising, from an early age dedicated to Healthy Cooking and Nutrition.

I attended national, international cuisine, egg-Lacto-Vegetarian, Macrobiotic and Vegan cuisine, as well as in Food Hygiene and Food Safety. Nutriscience – Education & Consulting advanced postgraduate course in Clinical and Functional Nutrition.

In the Hotel and Restaurant sector, I was Cook and Chef in Hotels of 4 and 5 Stars. I hold courses and consulting on Food Consciousness & Nutritional Cooking with SuperFoods.                                

I perform ShowCookings and NutriBreaks at events and provide food counseling and re-education services to individuals and groups (childrens, adults and seniors), and in companies.

Funny Super Foods

Share knowledge of food awareness and functional cooking with simple and appropriate language to children between 4 and 12 years.

Prepare healthy, delicious, simple and funny recipes with SuperFoods, and organic products of the season, in interaction with children and their parents.