Cristina Poppe

My name is Cristina Poppe, I was born in 1967, i’m a Plastic Artist and am an Art-therapist in training. I work normally with children  between 5 and 11 years of age.

Art-therapy promotes self-knowing and the relation with the Self, the self-esteem and the self-concept. It also helps to express the  expression and creativity of each one of us as an unique human being, giving value to what we do best and the opportunity to change what we need to face, our fears, blockades and insecurities.

Art is a vehicle and a tool for our internal evolution, materializing feelings,emotions, mobilizing affection and help us to look inside.

In parallel to my journey as a Plastic Artist, from which resulted various expositions and rewards, I began in 2006 my studies in  Art-Therapy, developing activities in this area, among them an intervention with children of the Oporto Oncological Institute (IPO) and other projects in schools and other institutions and many workshops with children working different thematics.

Collective Mandala painted by the children

The Mandala can be considered to be the internal representation of our true being, our originality, that can connect us in the moment of  our birth to our unconscious and to the source of the universe itself, in a meditative way. It’s a meeting with our most pure essence. It can be used to higher up our levels of consciousness, help us with our mental concentration, activate our positive physical energy  and increase our intellectual capacities and even our memory.

The child that creates a mandala using symbols, shapes and colors in a repetitive way with his own rhythm, finds way to his own Self  and calms down his mind and spirit, and connects with his interior light. Let´s give them an opportunity to open up his  imaginary world and teach them to share a collective space.

In the whole picture each child will have his own circular spot to participate in the collective work done. We will work one morning for 3 or 4 hours together.

Good vibrations! (online in a couple of weeks)