Welcome tribe to the Being Gathering 2017 Tipi Camp!

This is where you can call upon your native roots and remember what it was like for our ancestors when they led nomadic lives in the great plains.

The Wanbli Tipi Camp is a accommodation service offered with Tipis and Star Tents that offers the possibility for your to simply arrive without having to worry about carrying and setting up a tent for your stay at the gathering.

It is a private camping area that offers a reception, toilets, showers, mobile phone charging station and a shaded chill out area.

There are several possibilities of lodging at the camp:

  • Rental of fully equipped tipis or star tents
  • Rental of a shared space in a Tipi for 5 or 6 people.

The Tipi’ Camp is ideal for friends, couples, families and all those who wish to have a relaxed and unique stay.

The Wanbli Tipi’ Camp offers you traditional 5.6m diameter tipis, that accommodate up to six people, and 3.5 m diameter, perfect for two people. Our tipis are made of heavy duty rain proof canvas and have insulated floors.

In addition to the tipis we offer a more simple but really comfortable stay in our Star Tents. These are breathable shelters of neat design with rounded floor supported by a central pole and covered with natural waterproof cotton canvas. Spacious and comfortable our Star Tents with 5 mt diameter are for a group up to five people and the smaller 3mt diameter for up to 2 people.

All of these structures come furnished with:

    • 1 individual foam mattress for each person
    • 1 set of cotton linen (upper and lower sheet, pillow cover)
    • 1 duvet
    • 1 light with batteries (1 per structure except Tipi for 6 that has 2)
    • 1 lock with key (all structures except Tipi for 6)

All Tipi reservations are subject to a payment of a returnable DEPOSIT.
For all Tipi types there will be a 150€ refundable deposit, except for Shared Spaces where the refundable deposit will be 50€.

Regarding Tipis and Start Tent ticket prices and dimensions:


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To get your Tipi Camp accommodation go HERE

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