What is the Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:24:36+00:00

It is an event of well-being, workshops, live music and sustainability. There will be a vast program of healing, health, and spiritual activities, sustainability and Permaculture workshops. There will be one music stage with live bands of world music and organic trance.

Is the Being Gathering a Mini Boom Festival?2016-12-07T02:24:44+00:00

NO! Boom Festival is a festival of Psychedelic Culture, the Being Gathering is a small gathering focused on well-being, healing, kids and spiritual activities. There will also several concerts. The Being Gathering doesn’t have the same concept of Boom.

Why is the Boom Team organising the Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:24:51+00:00

For a few reasons. One of them was the intention of developing a concept that is solely dedicated with the spiritual dimension of the human being. At the same time, the Boom Team was pioneer on inviting trance bands to play regularly on festivals more than a decade ago, now feel that it should keep supporting the instrumental scene of trance (also known as Organic Trance) in a dedicated event. The Being Gathering will give both the new and old generations of trancers the opportunity to listen to trance music that is played with instruments not electronic devices. Another reason for the Being Gathering to happen is opening the Boomland for a smaller number of people so the global family can keep its affective bonds. In conclusion, Boom Festival is an awakener through arts, music, sustainability and culture. The Being Gathering pretends to be a space in which to shut out the noise and the outside matrix and come face-to-face with yourself and the ancestral sounds.

What are the site opening and closing times of the Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:33:15+00:00

Gates will open at 12:00 on 28th of June. The gathering ends in the early hours of July 3rd.

Can I hire an accommodation onsite?2016-12-07T02:33:33+00:00

There are a very limited number of Tipis and Star Tents (big tents – Native American style) available for renting. Click HERE for details!

Is there an extra cost for camping?2016-12-07T02:33:40+00:00

No. It is included on the ticket.

Is there a special area for children?2016-12-07T02:33:48+00:00

Yes, there is going to be a kids area. It is open during the day and it has a variety of activities for children of all ages and their families. Note: Considering the temperatures and dusty air, we recommend parents not to bring children below 3 years of age!

Is there a special needs service?2016-12-07T02:36:18+00:00

Yes, there is. To assure that we can assist you during the event please contact at [email protected]

What do I need to bring?2016-12-07T02:36:25+00:00

This is a camping event. We recommend that you bring a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, poles, tarps and other infrastructure to create a shaded campsite. Prepare for hot weather. Bring a bicycle, if you like cycling in the nature. Free water is available on site. There will be plenty of yummy food available for purchase in the restaurant. Also please bring YOGA MATS, for your comfort during various workshops and activities.

How can I take care of myself?2016-12-07T02:36:32+00:00
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Don’t fall asleep in the sun. You could burn your skin and become dangerously dehydrated (wake up anyone that you see sleeping under the sun!!);
  • Keep skin clean by wiping the dust and use sun screen (especially for those with a skin condition);
  • Sleep, meditate and relax, this is a Healing event!! You may not want to miss a thing, however the experienced gathering-goer will tell you that you’ll enjoy the festival even more if you get some sleep. Behave consciously and responsibly!!
Are there restaurants at Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:36:39+00:00

Sure! There are several yummy restaurants, bars and chaishops! Conscious food places are predominant at the gathering. It is mandatory for restaurants to have affordable prices and to source their food locally and organically.

Can I cook at the Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:36:48+00:00

You can cook ONLY at the community kitchen.

Can I make a fire?2016-12-07T02:36:57+00:00

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-L-Y N-O-T!!!!!!!! Fire risk is EXTREMELY HIGH on the Boomland, please don’t put yourself, other people at the gathering and nature at risk.

Can I keep my valuables safe?2016-12-07T02:37:04+00:00

Yes. Never leave your  valuables in the tent. If you have valuables (credit cards, documents, electronic equipment, etc.) please keep them in the Safe Lockers available at the Info Stand.

Will there be an ATM Machine at the Being Gathering?2016-12-07T02:37:16+00:00

No. There will be no ATM machine on site. Please come prepared. Most Bars and Services at the Being Gathering will have APT (automated payment terminals).

Can I bring my own generator?2016-12-07T02:37:25+00:00

No, be respectful of your neighbors and save your carbon footprint.

Can I bring pets?2016-12-07T02:37:32+00:00

Pets are not allowed into the event for their own safety!! The heat and responsibility of looking after pets in such an environment lead to the conclusion that it is better to leave them at home! Moreover the Boomland is abundant of leshmaniasis that can kill animals!!!

Should I bring a bicycle?2016-12-07T02:37:40+00:00

You can use a bicycle inside the Being Gathering.

Is there a hospital inside the event?2016-12-07T02:37:47+00:00

Yes, there is a 24h medical service and ambulance.

Can i bring a sound system?2016-12-07T02:38:39+00:00

No. Respect the land and the silence, there is plenty of great music to listen to!

Is there a Kosmicare?2016-12-07T02:38:48+00:00

Yes. there will be a mini Kosmicare. Launched in 2002 at Boom Festival, Kosmicare is an area born from a collaboration among several entities: Boom Festival, Universidade Católica do Porto, Check In, MAPS and the Portuguese governmental institution SICAD (ex-IDT).
The Kosmicare comprises:

  • Advice on damage prevention;
  • Risk minimization and Harm reduction: information and support, healthcare;
  • A team of multilingual volunteers (including psychologists, psychiatrists, and medics) ready to provide support in case of negative experiences. Substances are not legal in Portugal, but due to Portuguese decriminalization laws, projects for risk minimization (such as Kosmicare) are allowed.
Is there free drinking water?2016-12-07T02:38:55+00:00

Yes. Look for the water taps around the Boomland. The water comes from the public grid and it is regularly analyzed by health and safety inspections.

Can I swim in the lake?2016-12-07T02:39:03+00:00

Yes. But do not use chemicals (soaps, lotions, etc) on your body that might pollute the lake and do not shit or piss in the water!!! Thank you!!!

Is the water from the lake clean?2016-12-07T02:39:10+00:00

The water from the lake is analyzed several times, it is not proper to drink but good to swim in!

Can I bring glass bottles with me?2016-12-07T02:39:18+00:00

No. Glass creates a high risk of injury, maximizes fire risk and increases rubbish around the site. Vehicles will be searched for glass. Please pour your drinks into plastic containers.

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