Environmental practices at Being Gathering are based on an intelligent design of gardens that allows us to work with nature using sustainable sources of energy.

It aims to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment, while providing us with everything we need, in a responsible man-nature relationship.

Its potential is huge, providing not only organic, diverse, nutritious food, but also bringing new and fun ways to accommodate nature while still respecting it. It also allows bringing back life to this land, as we started a reforestation project back in December 2015.

This is how we are able to create the magical setting throughout the Boomland, always having in mind the preservation of the local ecosystem.

Here are some examples of the measures we are taking towards sustainability, with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment…

  • Going Green with the Being Bus.

The Being by Bus initiative provides a bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Being Gathering experience. This measure aims to facilitate the transport of the public to and from the festival, as well as promote awareness for collective transport as a sustainable living practice, and reduce the energy consumption of fossil fuels. By providing a Bus service from Lisbon and Madrid airports to and from the Gathering,  we are promoting the existence and usage of a more economic and sustainable means of transportation.  Similarly to the last edition, the Being Bus will enter the Boomland one day before the start of all festival activities. As such, participants that use the Being Bus service will have the chance of choosing the best place to camp and enjoy some relaxing moments around the lake, enjoying the sculptural and unspoilt landscape of inland Portugal.

  • Cycling our way to sustainable energy with the Being by E-Bike.
Through the Being by E-Bike measure, we had 2 electric bicycles to transport the logistic staff during the event, contributing to promote a zero emissions means of transportation. Those E-Bikes were used and promoted not only during Being Gathering, but also in other events at the Boomland.
  • Save water, save Mother Earth.

The main objective of the Eco-San measure is to reduce the waste of potable water, which happens when we flush it out the toilet. Through the construction of 52 dry toilets, it is possible to improve waste management, as it works as a pre-treatment of grey waters that are carried out through a microbiological digestion, resulting in a significant reduction of waste volume. Another consequence of this measure is the reduction of CO2 emissions and the saving of resources, as less transport will be needed to take the waste waters from the Boomland all the way to the Castelo Branco council Wastewater Treatment Plant. Finally, the toilet paper used is biodegradable and the toilet structures are made of preferably organic and reusable materials, and designed in a way that makes them easy to set-up and to dismantle, and therefore easy to transport and reuse in other event. We also had a team of 16 local workers supporting the cleaning of the toilets and making sure they were spit spot all the time.

  • Join the Plastic Revolution!

IdanhaCulta, Circular Economy Portugal and PlasticSunDays have teamed up to solve the last remaining plastic waste in Boomland: water bottles! In our battle against plastic pollution in the environment, we created Circular PlasticO: an interactive installation that transforms post-consumer plastics into cool objects, turning waste into a raw material. Circular PlasticO is the first initiative in Portugal to produce filaments from recycled plastics for 3D printing. Our aim is to reinvent plastic production on a small scale and you can be part of the innovation!
The DIY installation allows you to contribute personally to the process and learn hands-on about upcycling. Everybody is invited to bring their water bottles and transform them into new objects during this artisanal workshop. Plus, you can experiment with weaving techniques or create sculptures and learn more about the impact of plastic on the environment and the importance of a circular economy.

The Being Gathering was awarded the highest score by the Portuguese Ministry of Environment in their initiative “Sê-lo Verde” for this project called Plástico Circular or Circular Plastic in English. Check it out:



Be part of the Boomland Way of Being! Be mindful of your garbage! Use only organic soaps and shampoos. Don’t bathe in the lake.


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