At the Being Gathering 2017, Yonatan Sharf will be facilitating a Liquid Bone Dance workshop.

Yonatan Sharf

Anatomist, Aquatic Body-worker & Dancer I’ve started my journey of learning the art of healing in 2011 studying hydrotherapy. In the years to come I witnessed the magic of the waters to bring back health, peace & clarity to people from all ages and kinds. I’ve kept on and learned Watsu, Waterdance & AguaHara Aquatic Healing Arts.

Since 2013 I’m studying Osteopathy medicine at the Osteopathic school of Israel. In the last couple of years I’m exploring the union between Osteopathy & Water bringing together the principles and knowledge of Osteopathy and combining it together with the endless therapeutic benefits of the water. The waters offers us Eternal Freedom of Movement, quiet meditative dimension for Deep Healing processes and a warm hugging space to relax and let your body, mind and soul to become loose and soft just like the water.

Liquid Bone Dance

Dancing in water is an epic experience! With no gravity and in body temperature surrounding, the body becomes totally loose, the joints are free and mobile, the muscles soften and relax, even the bones turns liquid… In this special moments we can dive deeply into a sweet water state of mind. We will start with connecting to our body and breath to our deep intensions deep inside, than we will let go to the dance releasing all that needs to go into the water and come out pure and clean. We will meet a new wonderful world that exist in the depths and learn new ways to heal ourselves in the water. The Bone Dance will reflect us abun-dance of health, beauty and joy.