Water Dance

Water Dance is a type of aquatic therapy which was developed in Switzerland independently of Watsu . While wearing nose clips, a person is gently guided underwater, pulled, swayed, and “flown” while being regularly brought to the surface for breath.

Water Dance emphasizes gentle flowing movement underwater. After being stretched and relaxed at the surface, the receiver is given a nose clip, to prevent water from entering the nasal passages, and then gradually guided entirely underwater.

Touch or movement signals are used to communicate when the receiver is to be submerged, and the therapist carefully times submersion to ensure the receiver has a full breath. Movement is coordinated with breath and incorporates elements of massage, Aikido, dolphin and snake-like waves, rolls, somersaults, inversions, and dance.

At the Being Gathering you will be able to book a Water Dance individual session.

These will be one to one sessions that will require advanced booking, they are by donation starting from 60€ and are subject to availability.

Please make your way to the Therapies Booking Space in the Being Fields to make your bookings.


Therapists offering Water Dance:

Daniel Aber

Hello my name is Daniel . I first fell in love with Aquatic body work 9 years ago after receiving a treatment in Goa at Roger Whites pool, founder of ”WatsuGoa”. It was a life changing experience. I have suffered with lower back pain for many years and the treatment offered total freedom of movement and peace. Since receiving that treatment I became totally immersed in the work I traveled around the world hungry to learn and understand everything aquatic.I opened my pool in Agonda, South Goa India 3 years ago. Every day is a new learning experience , allowing me to to connect and offer a place of trust for my receivers. My practice is based not only in moves but in cultivating trust and open heart connection. I believe that the warm water is a safe place to let go of all our conditioning through meditation and relaxation. I have studied many forms of aquatic body including watsu,waterdance and healing dance, enabling me to be flexible with my choice of techniques I use. As well as these physical techniques I have been studying meditation and communication skills allowing me to offer a unique experience each time I work in the water.



I’ve been an athlete my entire life and started playing water polo at age 10. As an adult, I have found a balance between bodywork and different mind-body healing treatments and therapy. I am trained in hydro-therapy and when my now 12-year-old daughter was born I started observing and learning babies’ movement in the water. Currently I make a living working with babies in the water. I am also trained in water dance, WATSU, healing dance, Thai Yoga massage and Pilates. I have two 2 children and live in Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Mor Haviv

I grew up by the beach. Water means freedom to me and I feel that it’s the only place I can really let myself go…. I’m a Water Therapist & a sports therapist, with a B.Ed. from Wingate Institute (Israel), majoring in Hydrotherapy. In the water I combine elements of Watsu, WaterDance, Fluid Presence, Presence of Being, Trigger Point Therapy, and Swedish massage. muscle stretching, joint mobilization, massage, Shiatsu, and dance, performed in chest-deep warm water.

“Let it be…” and let me take you on a little journey. I invite you to let loose and to just feel, to be present in the moment, in complete silence, in a warm, soothing, and permitting place. Try to accept yourself for who you are at that specific moment. It is easier then to look within. Just as when the storms subside and the waters go quiet, soft, and calm, and we are able to see clearly, all the way through to the bottom of the lake.


Roni Leef

Water Therapist, Diver & Capoeira Artist.
B.Ed. Wingate Institute of Israel, major in rehabilitation of the disabled and Hydrotherapy.
Jahara and WaterDance practitioner,Tai Massage & shiatsu master.
The creator of HydroCapoeira workshops.
The Manager and owner of Water Clinic Israel.
I remember myself as a 3 year old child floating in water and disconnecting from the world using the water as a tool to heal myself. Later on I had a major injury in my knee as a dancer and the water were the best environment for me to be in.
I have 11 years of practicing as a hydrotherapist in Israel and around the world passing knowledge with different workshop in India, Brazil, Portugal, Israel and always looking for the next destination to pass on my work.
“Be water my friend…Be water” (Bruce Lee)