At the Being Gathering 2017, Steve Karle will be facilitating an aquatic bodywork workshop called The Space In Between

Steve Karle

Steve Karle is an Aquatic Bodywork practitioner, certified WATSU teacher and Craniosacral Therapist. He is director of the British School of Aquatic Bodywork and founder of Poetry in Water. Steve originally studied music and drama but after a healing journey veered towards the healing arts studying a wide range of eastern and western approaches finally specialising in water. Steve’s approach is based on creating a neutral listening space in water that allows an authentic and spontaneous journey through movement, stillness and touch to take place. His method is rooted in Craniosacral Therapy and Watsu as well as incorporating elements of dance, breath-work and underwater submersions. Fields of interest include trauma work and prenatal development as well as working with special needs children. Apart from offering sessions, Steve teaches his approach within the British School of Aquatic Bodywork’s Foundation course and will be teaching elements of it in his workshops during the festival.

The Space In Between

We will begin with a meditation in water to step into an empathetic space from which we can listen to another through touch. We will then explore ways to tune-in to the subtle rhythmic patterns of our partner’s body which will then guide us into a journey through movement. Silence, stillness, softness and slowness will be encouraged as perfect containers for the unknown.

We will witness the shapes the body draws in water, like gestures, and recognise when motion leads us back into stillness. Spinal support will be looked at allowing healthy physical unwinding to take place and encouraging maximum expression of movement. Finally, we will simply explore togetherness and spaciousness finding our way towards the space in-between.

“The moment you touch, you are being touched. The moment you listen, your silence is heard. As you breathe out, life breathes you in. And when you move, your freedom is tried. A freedom that lies in being.” — Steve Karle