At the Being Gathering 2017, Roni Leef and Yonatan Sharf will be facilitating an aquatic bodywork workshop Infinite Movement

Roni Leef

Water Therapist, Diver & Capoeira Artist.

B.Ed. Wingate Institute of Israel, major in rehabilitation of the disabled and Hydrotherapy.
Jahara and WaterDance practitioner, Thai Massage & shiatsu master.
The creator of HydroCapoeira workshops. The Manager and owner of Water Clinic Israel.
I remember myself as a 3 year old child floating in water and disconnecting from the world using the water as a tool to heal myself. Later on I had a major injury in my knee as a dancer and the water were the best environment for me to be in.

I have 11 years of practicing as a hydro-therapist in Israel and around the world passing knowledge with different workshop in India, Brazil, Portugal, Israel and always looking for the next destination to pass on my work.
“Be water my friend… Be water” (Bruce Lee)

Yonatan Sharf

Anatomist, Aquatic Body-worker & Dancer I’ve started my journey of learning the art of healing in 2011 studying hydrotherapy. In the years to come I witnessed the magic of the waters to bring back health, peace & clarity to people from all ages and kinds. I’ve kept on and learned Watsu, Waterdance & AguaHara Aquatic Healing Arts.

Since 2013 I’m studying Osteopathy medicine at the Osteopathic school of Israel. In the last couple of years I’m exploring the union between Osteopathy & Water bringing together the principles and knowledge of Osteopathy and combining it together with the endless therapeutic benefits of the water. The waters offers us Eternal Freedom of Movement, quiet meditative dimension for Deep Healing processes and a warm hugging space to relax and let your body, mind and soul to become loose and soft just like the water.

Infinite Movement – created by Roni Leef and Yonatan Scharf 

Stepping out of the pattern

We all work according to a certain pattern which is good for us, nothing is ever exactly the same, but there is a common format which we always come back to.

The purpose of this workshop is to go out our comfort zone, breaking the routine, connect with intuition and be here and now. When another individual is entering to the space, a variety of possibilities is opening and becomes infinite. Automatically therapeutic space becomes the space in which we learn from others while teaching the other. This is a fascinating game of initiating and letting things just be, to feel what is right at the moment, therapeutic environment becomes a special play ground not only to the person flouting in our arms, but for us as therapists.

In this workshop we will put the Ego aside, work in threesomes and experience four-handed treatment. Each of the participants in the workshop will experience both the giving and the receiving sides of the water Journey. It is an experience you learn from each other, work together and create a special set of new tools in order to pack them back home to your personal practice and life.

Who fits the workshop? Basically everybody.

People who seek for movement, dance, and art intellectuals, therapists of all kinds who want to expand and modernize their therapeutic toolbox. Therapists who are open to exchange knowledge and share space Investigation.