Jahara – Jahara®

Jahara – Jahara® is an aquatic therapy method founded in body awareness, healthy body mechanics and the gentle power of water. It consists of micro-adjustments of the structural alignment of the body. Jahara’s gradual, purposeful movements, together with the warm water, bring about relaxation and a feeling of well-being to the client.

Jahara® is rooted on the understanding of two fundamental elements: the body structure and the unique physical properties of water. This understanding is basic to healthier body mechanics. It means sound, safe treatments for clients, and is the key that enables the aquatic specialist to work regularly for many years feeling better and better in their own body.

At the Being Gathering you will be able to book a Jahara – Jahara® individual session.

These will be one to one sessions that will require advanced booking, they are by donation starting from 60€ and are subject to availability.

Please make your way to the Therapies Booking Space in the Being Fields to make your bookings.

Therapists offering Jahara – Jahara®:

Roni Leef

Water Therapist, Diver & Capoeira Artist.
B.Ed. Wingate Institute of Israel, major in rehabilitation of the disabled and Hydrotherapy.
Jahara and WaterDance practitioner,Tai Massage & shiatsu master.
The creator of HydroCapoeira workshops.
The Manager and owner of Water Clinic Israel.
I remember myself as a 3 year old child floating in water and disconnecting from the world using the water as a tool to heal myself. Later on I had a major injury in my knee as a dancer and the water were the best environment for me to be in.
I have 11 years of practicing as a hydrotherapist in Israel and around the world passing knowledge with different workshop in India, Brazil, Portugal, Israel and always looking for the next destination to pass on my work.
“Be water my friend…Be water” (Bruce Lee)