At the Being Gathering 2017, Daniel Aber will be facilitating an aquatic bodywork workshop Fluid Symmetry 

Daniel Aber

Hello my name is Daniel . I first fell in love with Aquatic body work 9 years ago after receiving a treatment in Goa at Roger Whites pool, founder of ”WatsuGoa”. It was a life changing experience. I have suffered with lower back pain for many years and the treatment offered total freedom of movement and peace. Since receiving that treatment I became totally immersed in the work I traveled around the world hungry to learn and understand everything aquatic.

I opened my pool in Agonda, South Goa India 3 years ago. Every day is a new learning experience , allowing me to to connect and offer a place of trust for my receivers. My practice is based not only in moves but in cultivating trust and open heart connection. I believe that the warm water is a safe place to let go of all our conditioning through meditation and relaxation.

I have studied many forms of aquatic body including watsu,waterdance and healing dance, enabling me to be flexible with my choice of techniques I use. As well as these physical techniques I have been studying meditation and communication skills allowing me to offer a unique experience each time I work in the water.

Fluid Symmetry

We all know how to move on land. However when we enter the water we need to learn some new skills – how to walk in the space, how to feel the subtle movements of aquatic environment – the art of balancing and grounding in the water.

We will begin the practice by ourselves. Once we have found our own balance we will work with a partner and start to play. We will float our partners following their body movements in a gentle dance. It is all about the trust and surrender to each other and the water.

Come to discover and explore your inner child – the time with no worries where movement becomes fluid and free.