The Being Gathering (former Be-In) is back at Boomland for the Summer of 2017.

One more time we gather in this beautiful haven, the magical Boomland, to celebrate our connection to the land, to ourselves and our fellow journeyers on this gift of a path that is Life on Planet Earth!

We are learning to thrive in a time of Great Transition and to become increasingly more aware of our inner truth as part of the Other, the Whole, the All. We want to reflect upon what is our place in this journey that is life? How can we become better human beings and more in tune with others and nature? In this very fast paced world we live in, the bustle of cities, the rush of everyday life, where are our moments for reconnection and realignment?

The intention of the Being Gathering is to offer a fun, sharing and safe space for exploration and for grounding into the more meaningful aspects of our lives and existence. The Being Gathering (former Be-In) is an event that wants to connect with our roots, explore holistic healing practices and dance to the sounds of Organic Trance, Sacred and Tribal music. It’s an opportunity to experience the Boomland with milder weather conditions (July is less hot than August!) and a lot less people than at Boom.

The program spans across 4 days of workshops, yoga, meditation, massages, dance, martial arts, conferences, spirituality, wellness, temazcal and watsu all designed to help nurture your own health, well-being and happiness.

Celebrate Life and Love with your global community, the sun warming our hearts to the shining beauty of a more sustainable lifestyle!

Relax, enjoy, connect with spirit, your body, and this precious and inspiring land that holds so many lessons for us…

The Being Gathering 2017 features:

  •      4 days of practices, workshops, master classes, therapies and healing sessions
  •      3 nights of live Organic Trance, Sacred and Tribal Music
  •      Dance
  •      Massages, therapies and counseling sessions
  •      Yoga
  •      Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu
  •      Meditation
  •      Temazcal
  •      Watsu and Lake Practices
  •      Conferences, lectures, talks
  •      Kids Activities
  •      Alternative Medical Care
  •      Meditation gardens
  •      Organic, conscious and local food

And much more!


The Being Gathering is NOT Boom Festival. The Being Gathering is NOT a mini Boom Festival. The Being Gathering is produced by the Boom Team and several other friends and activists, though it is a totally different event.


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