At the Being Gathering 2017 Satnam will be offering a Shamanic Journey and Breath Work


Samantha Tuzio (Satnam) is psycho-pedagogue specialized in gender psychology and emotions. She is a facilitator in family constellations, and holds a training in Shamanic Family Constellations. She is also active as a yoga teacher and creative dancer. She lives in Ibiza, teaches regular classes and Energy Restorative Yoga (Iyengar method), supporting individual emotional psychology sessions and Ancestral Family Constellations, Shamanic channeling with the Major Arcana of the Tarot; she also offers retreats and workshops for personal growth for women and intensive sacred masculinity and femininity.   

Remembering Who You Are – Shamanic Journey and Breathwork

We are here to remember our potential and to use and share our gifts for the human evolution. This workshop gives us the opportunity to have a deep journey to our true essence. The holotropic breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and carries us to connect with life: the Prana.

A big amount of energy like a river begins to flow towards every corner of our body, removing old energy: the healing has begun!

When we are present in our breathing we are connected with our Being. In this state we contact with our pure potentiality and we can acknowledge our divinity, which allow us to release our creativity. The magic sound of shamanic instruments and the jungle icaros will accompany this beautiful journey!