At the Being Gathering 2017, Raio aka Rob Weber & Benjamin Last will be guiding a Dynamic Sound Journey.

Raio aka Rob Weber

Raio (Rob Weber) is a musician, producer and DJ who’s been holding it down for the tribe in Bali for the last 11 years.  An eco-community steward and co-founder of the BaliSpirit Festival, Raio has played a key role in the evolution of the conscious scene on the island.

In addition to leading ecstatic chant sessions, Raio also DJ’s for ecstatic dance, facilitates sound-healing journeys, and guides music-centered ceremonies.  He is equally in his element creating deeply peaceful as well as high-vibe musical experiences.  A multi-instrumentalist with a passion for music from the African diaspora and South America, he performs on ngoni, guitar, percussion, and vocals, interwoven with tasteful electronic production and performance techniques.

Raio was on the road in 2016 touring in Australia and Europe, including appearances at Boom Festival, BaliSpirit Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, Sound & Silence Festival, Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival, and Club Lite in Amsterdam.  He’s been a student of yoga and various plant-medicine traditions for over 20 years and bows in gratitude to the higher intelligence guiding our collective journey in these amazing times.

Benjamin Last aka Temple Step

Combining over 22 years experience in music production, live performance and a Diploma Psycho/ Spiritual Healing, live laptop artist Temple Step has developed a unique form of sound immersive journey. Live montaging of Sacred Audio, Psycho-Acoustic Effects Processing, Granular Synthesis, Voice and Shamanic Healing tools create a journey that fuses ancient culture with futuristic sonic textures. Temple Step’s unique offering has opened the way to share this sacred music over the last 6 years in workshops / live performances / opening and closing ceremonies / live breath work and meditation workshop music and healing / meditation CDs. His path has lead him to work for and collaborate with significant people and festivals in the healing arts and music field such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Breath of Bliss, Avishai Barnatan, Ashrea Heart, Darpan, Deya Dova, Bali Spirit Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Eclipse Festival and Uplift Festival.

Dynamic Sound Journey

A ceremonial journey of liberation, from the stillness of the womb through heights of ecstasy and back again to the deep peace of hearts wide open.

The journey is a continuum of music leading us through realms of prayerful medicine music, communal devotional chant, ecstatic dance, and meditative sound healing.  All are invited to sing, dance, pray, and surrender into the blessing of Being.