At the Being Gathering 2017, Pratibha will be sharing a ​Welcome, Heart Dance, Music, Sing and Dance in Celebration Sound Journey.


Pratibha Ma is a singer, songwriter and a gifted teacher born in Copenhagen. Over the past twenty five years she has played and lead events in many different festivals and gatherings around the world.

Pratibha has a talent for joining people together in a simple and uncomplicated way – in groups, voice workshops, concerts and Heartdance events. Her Heart dances are unforgettable experiences of joy and silence and of meetings of the heart. Her songs are unique and poetic.

Welcome, Heart Dance, Music, Sing and Dance in Celebration Sound Journey

Heartdance is simply a space to be, present, here and now, so much energy, love and light, deeply nourishing ourselves and each other.

Heartdance is a combination of singing and dancing, accompanied by live music. We use rhythmical songs, chants and simply the sound of the voice. You don’t have to have any experience in singing or dancing to join in.