At the Being Gathering 2017, MayaRama DVV that are Nuno Santos, Rodrigo Cedric, Catarina Kristic and Ariel JonnerRaio will be guiding a MayaRama Deep Vibrational Voyage

MayaRama DVV – Nuno Santos, Rodrigo Cedric, Catarina Kristic and Ariel Jonner

MayaRama DVV was born in Tulum, Mexico about three years ago with musicians from Croatia, France, Nicaragua and Portugal. They started to play together at “Uno” in Tulum, where they have launched the Sound Healing journeys. After sometime it became a true treat for so many people that were coming every week to experience the combination of Ceremony, Sound journey, Deep healing and Togetherness. After some time we have been invited to play in Festivals, State jails, Terminally Ill centres, Mayan Communities, events and holistic centres sharing the oldest form of Healing on the planet with prayer, sound and intentional touch.

MayaRama Deep Vibrational Voyage

Combining Kashmir Shivaist, Native American, Shamanic and Sufi sonorities the 90 minute session takes you back into that place of deep loving connection, opening ultimately the heart and guiding consciousness into the original state of thankfulness and Innocence.