At the Being Gathering 2017, Lex Empress will be presenting a Soul Song Sound Journey

Lex Empress

Lex Empress has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life performing for thousands of people and in intimate sessions. Her intuitive and improvised Soulsong is the song of love, of hope and releasing what can be let go of. It is the intuitive vocal version of your story by star singer Lex who has become a master in improvising unlike any other. You’ll ask her if she has written the song before the show or if she already knew the story. The answer is always the same. It is created in that one moment for you. In a Soulsong Circle you can clean your spirit and wash your soul in the words of Lex Empress and the music of Gilian Baracs on piano. Not one human being is the same and therefore also each song is different, unique and yet healing to all who are present.

Soul Song

I improvise in a unique way with words, sentences and stories of my audience. The songs and melodies transform a rooms energy. They clean the hearts of those who in search of clarity and bring joy. After performing with exquisite musicians all over the world, pianist Gilian Baracs and I are proud to be part of Being Festivals magic. It has been stated by spectators that improvising lyrically has never been executed this well ever before!