At the Being Gathering 2017, Fabio Freddi will be holding The Transe | Awakening Orixàs: a Transpersonal DJSet.

Fabio Freddi

Fabio Freddi is born and raised in Varese, Italy. He is a Transpersonal Counselor, specialized in Biotransenergetics, a new psycho-spiritual discipline that is a fusion of ancient traditions and new science. His path of inner growth brought him to work for many years with the Mexican Yok’hah Maya Nahual tradition and the Afro-Brazilian shamanism of Orixàs: his therapeutic approach unifies these visions to help people wake up their personal power of self-healing.

He has been djing and scratching records since the age of 15: after years of dj competitions, music production and club djing, he is now leading transpersonal experiences where the Biotransenergetics Bodymind work melts down with dance, music and free expression. Currently he is also working in educational and social projects.

The Transe | Awakening Orixàs: a Transpersonal DJSet

The Orixàs are the Divine forces of Nature, according to the Afro-Brazilian tradition: these forces are the essential elements that shape our reality, and they are reflected inside of us. It means that we can awake them, here and now, unfolding all their powers and qualities inside of us.

According to Biotransenergetics – a new psycho-spiritual discipline that melts down the ancient shamanic traditions, the new sciences, the transpersonal psychology and the Afro-brazilian culture – we will connect to these forces through a series of ritual movements, chants and breathing: when we get in contact with this forces, the music of the DJSet will guide us through a journey of free expression to explore and embody all the archetypal powers connected to the Orixàs.

“Transe” actually means to become these forces, and let them express in all their potential: the more we surrender to these forces, the more we create the conditions to receive self-healing, insights, awareness, entering a process of deep transformation and of awakening of who we truly are.