At the Being Gathering 2017, Bruno Teixeira will be guiding us in a Medidative Concert Sound Journey.

Bruno Teixeira

Since 1997, he has been active in practicing and studying Yoga (Hatha, Bhakti, Jnana, Mantra, Japa, Nada Yoga), Samkhya, Vedanta and Tantra, knowing through the experience of these arts and sciences the existence of sound and music as a way and as a tool to support  the healing process, interior transformation and meditation.

He met meditation through the intonation of mantras, the power of the conscious word and the sacred chant, and the importance of breathing in the mental, mental, and spiritual states.

Since his first contact with Didgeridoo in 1997 he has been exploring the therapeutic possibilities of this (psychology, physiotherapy, yogatherapy), pedagogic, playful and socio-cultural instrument.

He founded the “Didgeridoo Triboo” ClubEscola in  2006, where he also offers classes, therapeutic sessions of Music Therapy and Sound Massage, Music Seminars, Workshops and Meditative Concerts.

He founded the HandPan House PazPazes, where he promoted Weekly Meditative Concerts / Sound Journeys and regular shows.

Meditative Concert Sound Journey

Inspired by the harmonic relationship and healthy expression of the five elements, it seeks to awaken sensibility and senses, providing a body and soul reflection towards balance.

The sensory journey acquires a therapeutic character associated to the deep relaxation of the nervous system, balance of the endocrine system, body massage, body detox, cellular regenerative stimulation and healthy harmony with the water source of life and wisdom – in its anatomical, physiological aspects ,energetic, sensorial, emotional, mental and spiritual.

On an emotional and psychological level, the transcurrent sound landscapes of various environments and instruments facilitate a natural intimacy that reconnects the individual with the essence, consciousness and free flow of energy.”
During the meetings the following instruments are played:Didgeridoos, Hang / HandPans, Tibetan, Nepalese and Crystal Bowls, Chinese Gongs (Tamtams and Fengs), cymbals, chansons, shantis, kalimba-sanzula, shrutti-box, tuning forks, ocean drum, Shamanic drum, flutes (Bansuris), ocarinas, mouth berimbaus, shakers, rain-stick, percussion, Voice (mantras, harmonic chanting, intonations).