At the Being Gathering 2017, Atmaram will be facilitating a Medicine Songs Chanting Circle.


Atmaram is exploring the potentialities of Music, Sound, Meditation and Shamanism as a vehicle to new states of consciences, Healing and Personal Development. Since early age his guitar, harmonica and singing accompanied and inspired him on his way.

After his Master in Animation and Community Development in 99 he created the project “Planeta Yupi” in Portugal, with the intention of promoting Creativity, Improvisation and Environment Protection. As result he recorded several CDs and made hundreds Pedagogical Concerts for Children and Teenagers.

In the following years his way took him to South America where he learned with Healers and Musicians from Brazil and the Peruvian Jungle. In India He became a Yoga Teacher from the school of “Sivandanda” and dived into the world of Devotional Mantra Singing and Meditation. Also became a Trance Dance Facilitator.

In the last years he led and attended several activities and workshops as Chanting Circles, Plant Ceremonies, Hypnosis, Sound Journeys and Yoga Classes.

Medicine Songs Chanting Circle

Since the beginning of time people from different places and traditions gathered to make music to raise the vibration, connect to the Divine and allow individual and collective healing to happen.

In this 2 hour session we invite you to receive and sing sacred songs from different traditions, from the Icaros of the Peruvian Jungle to Brazilian Medicine Songs, from the Indian Mantras and Badjans to improvisations and channeling of Mother Nature.
Some special Vocal and Breathing exercises will help us to reach a state of Trance and Connection and make it easier for the music and sound vibrations to do its work!