Sofia Ferreira (Yonah)

Sofia started working intuitively with Natures Energy 13 years ago. Along the way she studied plant Alchemy (Spaegirya), with one of the last portuguese alchemists, and Traditional Maya Medicine in Mexico, where she lived for some years. 

Until now she developed 24 vibrational elixirs to help us on our quest for more Consciousness. She teaches courses, gives consultations, offers Fasciatherapy and internal movement sessions and also regular classes of energetic practices combined with dance.

Vibrational Elixirs From the Natural World

Each flower, plant, tree, each mineral and each animal has its own specific vibration.

Connecting to the purest sources of life energy that exist in Nature, we can tune to a more creative life at all levels of this existence.

Vibrational elixirs elevate and adjust imbalances in all living creatures but they are specially useful for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health of human beings. They are like “magical potions” if we consider that magic is, above all, an act of internal transformation.