Jorge Crespo

Permaculturist since 2006, energy and photovoltaics have been one of the main and key elements of human settlements that have played a big role in devising sustainability and regeneration of our collective lives in what concerns to managing and producing energy to make possible the creative realm of our existence.

Related to this key feature of our collective existence, I have been working in this field since 2008, privately and collectively.

Boom 2008 was the first major event for which I have developed a project to take place during the Festival by which 7 solar stations were deployed through the venue to face a challenge posed by the organisation to bring this awareness to Boomers. Since then I have been connected to BoomLand where this kind of experiences are possible and desired though we may inspire and bring more consciousness to all of us.  

Managing Energy, OFF the GRID, Photovoltaics etc. – A Tour on Boomland, Off the Grid Energy Facilities

We will be visiting and explaining the possibilities behind the Solar Stations deployed all over Boomland and through each station we will make it possible an inspirational approach to what is feasible in our own places, villages, cities, etc.