Cat Raiz de Carvalho

Cat is an Environmental activist, Graduated as an Environmental Engineer, and as such she’s worked with children, environmental & wild life NGOs and companies, helping to heal the Human connection with Mother Earth.

Since 2006 she’s lived and studied in Greece, India and Thailand studying massage therapies and in her return to Portugal got involved with Permaculture, Seed saving, Natural building movements…

In her path of “walk your talk” she dived to the roots of Herbalism and simple natural solutions for daily life and daily care, and so Raiz d’Oliva project and the alchemical experiences started  to blossom in 2012.

She now lives by the Ocean, in Sintra, where she devotes herself to a Magical garden, learning
from the Plants and their Powers, offering treatments in the areas she has studied… onward with learning… onward in healing the Self and Humans’ connection with Mother Earth…

EcoCosmetics – Grassroot approach for Daily Care

Raiz invites you to discover how to prepare yourself 2 of the most commonly used essential daily care products, at home, without the nasty ingredients you will find in commercial products.

Both we use everyday; both have added, in its industrial commercial form, harsh carcinogens as ingredients; both are applied in sensitive areas of great absorption: armpits and mouth!

Deodorant and Toothpaste can be naturally caring and deliciously effective!

Come to learn, share and make your own with Raíz d’Oliva! You will get empowerment an joy, recipes and 1 jars with some of the good stuff with you!