Sofia Sequeira & Teresa Almeida

Sofia and Teresa are different in many ways: age, field of studies, work and life experiences and this makes them complementary. Sofia’s background is Web and Graphic Design while Teresa’s is Business Management, Sales and Human Resources. What connects them is their passion for People and the World and their will to empower people to achieve their dreams and be more authentic.

The interest of Teresa in Design Thinking and the course that Sofia took at the HPI School of Design Thinking, was what brought them together in 2015. Since then, they started facilitating workshops about it.

Recently, they realized that the state of our world requires a great shift of perspective from an Egocentric point-of-view, to an Ecological mindset, and this brings us to Boomland one more time.

Eco-Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a well known method of problem solving. In this workshop, we will experience it with the Ecological mindset. Eco Design Thinking is focused on our user needs and the impact we have, as creators, in the world. Design Thinking is a process with specific steps, in the way to generate innovative solutions. For this process to work, it is important to cultivate an attitude of experimentation, collaboration, optimism, empathy, etc.

We know that to learn this method is important to experience it, so we will provide you some theory, examples, real practice and time to reflect on how you can use this approach on your own contexts.

Our practical challenge will be to “Re-design Schooling: from Ego to Eco” by creating ecological solutions that enables our children to grow more conscious that we are interdependent with nature and that our actions have an impact in the world.
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