Rute Novais

A full time wonderer about life, people and communication. Moving from the inside in order to transform reality and the world into better places through graphic design, visual culture and creative process using them as tools to live dreams and share passions.

Graphic design teacher, social entrepreneur at Brigada do Mar, founder and producer of Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and eternal student of anything that spice up her curiosity.

DESIGN THINKING – A tool for change

Design thinking is a great method to unblock ideas and achieve results as a designer, teacher, producer, lover, colleague, neighbour, consumer, traveller… Doesn’t mind how small or big is the dream!, in the end all that we should become is the collection of the moments where dreams turned reality.

It takes strategies, it takes color, senses and a lot of work; passionate work and full dedication to this process: bring ideas, dreams and skills into this lifetime! And the most important thing is that it should be fun.

You are going to be invited to connect with your big passion or power skill, then share it with the group through movement and practical challenges in order to create a power network. We will experience some of these methods, see how they work and in which way they affect the potential in each one of us.