José Soutelinho e Sandra Ramos

I present myself as a “coherent structured chaos” of cycles: a Western cycle (Engineering college, post-graduations…), a Eastern one (Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Organic Cooking, Meditation, dowsing…), a Natural cycle (Permaculture, Geobiology,…) and the Human cycle (the answers to Who am I?, What I’m doing Here? and Why is it worth being here?…) all present at the same time.

I mix everything in a huge web of nodes and relations. Integrally. And I practice it through the action of supporting other human beings in transition, challenging them and capacitating them from a current way of being to a new way of being – within a framework called “despertutor”.

My main activity these days is Inner Transition, either in individual or group approaches. I act as trainer/facilitator in seminars and workshops.

I also facilitate Dialogue in complex themes and settings (as in Boom Festival and Being Gathering), Dragon Dreaming and Transition initiatives for alternative collectives.

The Being Council

We live an age where we are bound to reflect and engage in creating a new way of Being, a authentic self that fully nourishes and expresses the best of being human in each of us, in service of Life.

We believe in the Art of Council and Dialogue with its powerful techniques of conversation as a beautiful way, and setting, to call us on this reflection, sharing and celebration of what it means to be a Human Being for the New World we all are Creating.

The Being Council happens everyday, and we are inviting each one of you to come forward and express his vision and stories in a circle.

We are so many participants from different places, cultures, tribes and settings. Such richness of diversity all together celebrating in the Boom Land can bring us to a new level of dialogue and understanding around themes that touch our hearts and souls.

Let’s speak our truth!